Let me paint a picture for you

We'll start with a wide open field

Blue sky, green trees around the edges

A particularly good climbing one in sight

A little you running toward it

In old fashioned clothes

While fluffy clouds move in

And a breeze to dance the grass

Next it's night out and the air is perfect sit

The stars are breathing

And you mind is singing

As the smile presses your lips

-You are not here alone

If you haven't guessed

But your eyes are closed shut

And you're letting your skin

Feel the air

And you letting your ears

Hold the earth

And you're letting your arms let in the life

Your mind as happy as can be because you

Know the world is spinning just so you can feel

Now the light is back and you're under water

Its summertime

The life divine

As you swim in your neighbors pool

You're in the deep end

Looking up

At how the world is placed

As the light hits the water

And the bubbles float up

And the trees fill all positive space

The movement tickles your ears and you find it a little bit silly

That you cannot breathe in

But you don't want to go up

Because it is different down here

You move slower

And the sound is more of a mellow

As you hair can tangle in front of you face

It is a different time

In an older place

And you do not feel like moving

Your toes are cold but not your bully button

You're on your back looking up

You can hear the sounds around you

You're quite alone

In the snow

The fallen trees

And dead leaves surround you

You don't move your body

Only your eyes

And your hands especially feel heavy

You pay special attention to your coat as it moves up and down

With breath you smell the cold air

And imagine how decent it would be

For a deer or a bunny to come wondering by

But you don't even feel like smiling

The sky is bright white with a little gray

The brown stands out as

You hear the sound of someone

Unwelcomed making their way toward you

On the roof

Not holding hands

They're simply filling space

But the air is good

And you want to smile

But they don't bring it to your face

Again it's dark

As being on a roof should be

There are not many stars

But the police lights and cars

Are enough to keep you company

You are merely here

And it is pretty cool

But you know who you are with is wrong

But you don't care

'Cause you'll still be friends

And to morrow is another day

You know it will never be the same

As it never is

That's not how it works

And they're told cold

So instead you go in and paint

The dryer downstairs

Makes you feel warm

Just because

You know it's there and

It's early

You stand at the door

With a happy other

Waiting for the school bus

Both making warm breaths on the window

Then drawing into it

Sometimes with your nose instead of your

Hand gloved clothes

The perfect cardinal at the feeder

In the light snow behind your breath

As laughter and smile

Reach you inside

You know always to remember.

It's fun

Them being there

As you do your joy

They picked the music

And they're doing their own

As you create your art

Late at night

The studio

Feels like a secret place

And your favorite part

Under the warm lights

Is that you don't have to stay in your seat

They hug you from behind

When you're not expecting it

But you continue to paint

And sigh a little smile inside

but it's not the smile you've been looking for

Trickled dee dee Trickled dee do

A humming birds wings

And the special porch swing

As you take up the whole thing

Reading a book

On a late summers day

When the sun is just so

As a summery sun does

And you can smell the coming rain

You've been there all day

Only interrupted by your faithful dog wanting a pet

Pushing yourself with bare feet

Red brick wall on one side

Almost carefree


On the grass looking up

Under the stars again

Surrounded by two best friends

It's chilly out

But you don't care

And you don't actually think you are allowed to be here

In the middle of a football field

After the lights are out

Surrounded by such might


And laughing

And knowing life is life

It is way to cold out

And much too late

But nobody mentions leaving

All alone only a night light

It is dark and creaky

And a little bit sneaky

To fill a hard back notebook

With secrets

That sometimes rhyme

Remembering when things were different

As they always are

You can always see the moon

From you place in bed

A great comfort to you

Almost like a motherly hug

It's these times

You are most inspired

And feel to change the world

But it is past 12 o'clock

Everyone is a sleep

But you know your best friend

Would stifle a yawn for you if needed

You do not know about tomorrow

As you never do

But you lay your head on that old pillow

And deeply breathe the contentedness

As you close your eyes and sometimes you can see

The moonlight through

And you imagine your dreams as a picture