While I Can:

If for tonight it was set

That I could hold you

As the sunset and

As the sun came up

Again, I'd savor

Every kiss, every breath,

Every moment, every word

If we were not limited

By time or space

And each day I

Could touch you

And each day

I could feel you near,

I'd savor every kiss,

Every breath, every moment,

Every word

If I could only hang onto you

As long as life will allow,

I'd savor

Ever kiss, every breath,

Every moment, every word

And if tomorrow never sees

The light of the dawn,

And if tonight is our last,

And I shall never kiss you again,

And shall never feel your breath,

And shall never spend another moment with you,

And shall never hear you speak again

I shall kiss you even longer,

I shall hold you even closer,

I shall listen even harder,

While I can