Talking to you every day
Listening, hanging on every word you say
When it's down in bed I lay
I always hear "I love you" as your voice fades away...

When I hear the click is the worst part
Like an empty clip in my heart...I'm out of ammo
A helpless soldier, a sitting duck
Until I call you after school, and hear "So, what's up?"

Amazingly good parts, equally bad
That's what true love is, it seems
Basically life, to an extreme
"Better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all"
Apparently love comes at a cost
I'll take the latter, hold the "lost"

In summary, of how you make me feel every day
It can't be compared to anything
Priceless, is all I can say
I wouldn't trade it for the world, not even all the money in it
I have all I'll ever need, (besides Ramen, with an egg in it :P)

We talk every night, and I realize
There's not too many people who can sympathize
With what we have, how lucky I got
To just find the absolute perfect girl for me, right on the spot

All these reasons, I'm missing some even
There's too many to count...My name is Steven xD
These make it so the worst part of my day
Is when I hear the click, and your voice fades away...