God's Creation from A – Z


Armadillos, anteaters, alligators, God has made them all

Bees, bears, buffalos, and the wild bird's call

Cats, cactuses, caterpillars, glorify His name

Dandelions, daffodils, dragonflies, they all do the same

Elephants, egrets, eelgrass, how can man say "There is no god"?

Ferrets, frogs, fish and flies, we suppress the truth, I agree with a nod

Goats, giraffes, geckos, all of nature sings His praise

Horses, hedgehogs, hippos, let us join them for all our days

Icebergs, iguanas, all manner of insects, Holy is the Lord most High

Jaguars, jackrabbits, jellyfish, His praise rises in the sky

Kangaroos, koalas, kookaburras, declare the work of His hands

Lamas, lemurs, lions, and the fruit of the land

Mice, mongoose, minks, all of these He did create

Nautiluses, newts, nuts, His handiwork is very great

Orangutans, octopi, oceans, beautiful is God's art

Penguins, parrots, pelicans, I don't know where to start

Quail, quagga, quahog, magnificent are all these things

Rainbows, roses, rhinos, this truth through creation rings

Starfish, seahorses, salamanders, God's majesty is shown

Thunder, turtles, tea leaves, let this through the world be known

Urchins, uintaite, the universe, praise Him with joyful song

Vultures, vanilla, valonia, come sing creation throng!

Waterfalls, wilder beasts, whales, yes! come shout and sing

X-ray fish, xenopus, xenosaurs, to the Creator, our King

Yaks, yams, yeast, Great is the Lord, see what he has done

Zebras, zenith, zucchini, Yet he loves us, each and every one

quagga: South African, yellow-stripped zebra

quahog: large, edible clam, also called the hard-shelled clam

uintaite: pure form of asphalt mined in the Uinta Mountains, which are a part of the Rocky Mountains in Utah, USA.

valonia: an evergreen oak native to Southern Europe and Western Asia

xenopus: African clawed toad

xenosaur: nocturnal lizard native to Central America and Southern China

zenith: the highest point of the sky

Author's Note: Today, October 30, 2007, I have finally completed this poem. I started working on this in the middle of May. Little bit, by little bit, I got this done, averaging about 1 ½ lines each time I sat down to write. To say the least, I am glad and proud that this is complete. However, there are some rough spots that I don't like. I would like constructive criticism on the whole poem, but on these lines in particular.

The line pair E and F: the second half of these line, while true, don't seem to fit into the rest of the poem very well.

The line P: "I don't know where to start"? Seems a bit false to me, I mean, I have started, right?

Thank you for reading this. Have a blessed day.

- LittleDoe