A Prayer of Despair and of Hidden Strength


When trials come, and chafing spirit

As hope slides slowly away

And anger sneaks, like a lion

Surprising me its prey


I call upon the Lord, my strength

My rock, my fortress, my all in all

He's all I have, these dark days

When despair comes, and joy away falls


Lord, guide me, sustain me

Bring me to full trust in you

Lead me through these dark valleys

Guide me forever and always toward you


When patience is required

And no action do I see

Again I cry my heart to God

"Lord, have you deserted me?"


A tribulation, this waiting

Courage slowly, painfully, leaves

Yet the Lord, he sustains me

As always he has, though my heart bleeds


Lord, help me, protect me

Hold me in you hands

My Father in Heaven

In your arms keep me

Forever and to the end