Stories about Cliched Fairy Tales

Stories that start out with "Once upon a time..." are very predictable. From that first line you can already predict the last line "And they lived happily ever after." Why is that? Don't you want to be different and maybe end it sad, scary, twisted, unpredicatable? Well I am trying something different, it's called real life. Not only is this about real's my life. The struggles, happiness, regrets, friendships, realtionships, lack of relationships, envy, jealousy, family, leaving all your friends, a brand new highschool, in a brand new school. I've been through alot. And I don't want yall to say "oh well I've had it rougher than you blah blah blah" because quite frankly I don't care...I just find it easier for me to deal with things. So get ready for my life...and of course the names aren't true just the story. Well I hope you enjoy it. Or don't enjoy it. Reviews are great. so are flames, and constructive critism..unless it's english grammar mistakes. Enjoy!!!

It's always the same concept with these fairy tales or aka "Cliched love stories." But the story i'm about to tell is nothing like that, atleast for now...but hopefully that'll change for the best. I do think I deserve something good..because I sure as hell didn't deserve this!!! Okay before I start ranting...lets start at the begining. "Addison get up it's time for school!!!" my mom yelled what seemed like the top of her lungs..way too early in the morning for that. What is wrong with a simple "sweetie get up" Ha! anyways...before I get started lets give you some information about myself. My name isn't really Addison at all but for now it will be. At the time I was 14 going into 9th grade I am now 16 in 11th grade...I know it sounds like its going to be a very long story, but trust me it'll hopefully be worth it. It's my first full year of school in a new state...I was fine with it actually. Anyway I move all the time because my dad is in the military oooh I know cool..NOT. Anyway I have three siblings, but only one actually lives with me..his name will be Jordan and he is 13 now...he was 11. I have an older brother but he lives with his dad but he comes and visits during the summer and winter. His name is Alan and he was 16 now 18. And last and definantly the weirdest girl ever my step sister, she lives with her mom...her name will be Lynn...she's my age and she visits in the summer/winter also. So thats all you need to know for now..ill hopefully have another chapter written tomorrow or the next day.

A/N: I hope you guys like it:)