Behind the Oak Door

Crying out, her face shone with sweat,
and she awoke in the middle of silence;
the eerie, still darkness blinding her eyes.
Shivering, she wrapped her light green sweater
around her stiff, aching body
and went to the half-opened door.

Through the crack in the door
she saw him with her own eyes,
waiting by the fire, beads of sweat
hanging on his brow. Her sweater
clung to her still-shaking body
and in her fear, all she heard was the silence.

Her swollen, glassy blue eyes
studied his long, lean and powerful body
and remembered his palms dripped with sweat
when he had torn off her green sweater.
Her tortured cries had broken the heavy silence
but not the closed, oak door.

Now she stumbled backwards, her body
not hers anymore. And then his eyes
appeared through the crack of the door.
His palms were still glazed with sweat
as he moved to finger the sleeve of her sweater;
no words-only silence.

Captured again, she raised her eyes
to meet his. There, sweat
dripped from his nose and onto her body.
The voice in her mind screamed, but silence
was the only language she knew. The door
closed again. He took off her sweater.

Onto the floor went her green sweater
and the tears flowed freely from her eyes.
She felt the disgusting, salty sweat
drip onto her ravaged body
and let his breathing break the silence
hiding in the room behind the oak door.

In that room, she lost her sweater and body
when the door closed; the silence
and sweat making blind, her eyes.

This is a sestina. If you don't know what it is, I suggest you go look it up and try one. It's actually pretty fun!