Chapter 4: Jumper

Vision was still pretty shaken up about what happened two nights ago. She had so many questions about it that she wanted to ask her father, but the words weren't coming. At least, they weren't coming then. She'd composed herself well enough to talk about it now, and by God she was going to talk about it. All she had to do was find her father, and that would prove simple; there was only one place he stayed lately when not out on a mission: His office.

She burst into the room, despite the fact that Liddell didn't seem the least bit surprised at the intrusion.

"I'm surprised it took you this long to break in my door. Would I be right in assuming this is about Richard?"

Vision was shocked.

"How can you be so damn calm about this? He died right there in front of us!" She cried.

"Technically, he died in front of you. I couldn't see a thing." It seemed that right after he said it, he realized that now was not the time to be trying to lighten the mood. So he continued. "I've been trying to find out exactly what happened out there that night."

"Did you find anything?"

"All I can presume is that the inhibitor's remote malfunctioned and turned itself on."

"Turned itself on? You expect me to believe that?"

The general shrugged. "It's all I have right now. You can believe it if you want to."

"How would something like that even happen?" Vision then asked, still not at all believing.

"Electronics aren't perfect."

She'd had about enough of his nonchalant attitude about this. Knowing that she'd snap if she had to listen to him talk so calmly about a power's death for one second longer, she scoffed and turned to leave. He stopped her.

"Don't leave yet."

"And just why shouldn't I?"

"Because you have to meet Charlotte Wagner."

Vision was speechless. The only reason he'd have her meet any of the powers was before a mission. He couldn't be planning to go out there with another power already, could he?

"It's only been 2 days since what happened to Richard!" She exclaimed. "You don't know what went wrong, you don't know if it can happen again, yet you want to send another one of these people out there to do shit for you?!"

"Calm down Tanya." Liddell replied in a commanding tone. "Richard's death was a tragedy, but I can't let one mishap deter me from the ultimate goal of this project."

"A-A mishap?" She couldn't believe it. "That's it? This boy died out there and you just consider it a mishap? What if I died now? Would I be a mishap too?"

He didn't answer her. Instead, he picked up his handheld radio. "Send Charlotte to my office."


She stood at about 5'4 and was as slim as Vision herself, who took great pride in her figure. Did they all make it look so easy? Long reddish-brown hair flowed down the sides of her face, itself accentuated by soft brown eyes. Her fair skin was light, but not pale. Even Vision could admit that the girl was beautiful, despite the plain clothes she wore. Tanya just assumed her father didn't bother getting them any better clothes, not like it would matter.

"Charlotte, Tanya. Tanya, Charlotte." Liddell said to the new girl, gesturing between the two of them.

"You're the teleporter, right?" Vision asked her.

"That would be me. Though I heard your name was Vision, not Tanya."

"It's a codename!" She replied excitedly.

Charlotte looked at her strangely. "A codename? Why would you need a codename?"

Vision shook her head. "Well, I don't technically need one. I just like the idea of having one."

"Oh! You mean like the X-Men?" The girl realized.

"Yeah, exactly! Well, like comics in general. Why don't you pick one?"

Charlotte just shrugged. "Eh, maybe I will. Judging by the look on your father's face, I don't think I'd have time to think of one right now."

"I didn't bring -" The general was about to say before she cut him off.

" - you here to talk about codenames and comics. I brought you here for a job." She finished for him, mocking his gruff tone. Liddell looked about to ready to pop while Vision laughed. "That about right?"

"We don't have time for jokes either." Liddell said. "Your job today is a highly important one. Both your roles are vital in its completion. Now are you ready to listen yet?"

The tone in his voice showed he was serious. Both females decided to listen. They nodded.

"Good. Now, we're going to be going to Russia today. More specifically, our target is the Moscow Kremlin."

"The WHAT?!" Both women screamed in unison.

"It seems as if you're both familiar with the building in question."

"So you're gonna fly me into the heart of Russia and then I'm supposed to break into the most fortified building there? You have officially lost it, Liddell." Charlotte remarked.

"No, not just yet I haven't. This should be handled as a stealth operation. You're not to be seen, otherwise this could very well become an international incident."

"So….no pressure, right?"

"Look, all you have to do is find one main computer room. It's definitely in one of the buildings that make up the Kremlin. You're to find the room, use this -" He pulled an oval-shaped flash drive from his desk. " -to store the files you're stealing, then get out of there. That's it."

"That's it? You make it sound easy. It'd probably be easier to break into Hell and get out. I'd have to search every building in the compound, find the right one, and get these files downloaded without getting turned into swiss cheese in the process. The AK-47 is a Russian weapon, you know."

Now it was the general's turn to scoff derisively. "First of all, Vision is going to be communicating with you by radio. She'll tell you which building is the right one. Second, why are you even acting like you're just gonna stand around and let bullets hit you? Besides, you're not supposed to allow yourself to be seen anyway, remember?"

"We both know that the room I'm looking for is going to be well-guarded. Meaning, I'm going to be seen there whether I want to or not."

"And that's when this ceases to be a stealth mission. Then you take out the cameras and anyone who's seen you. There can't be any visual records of you as American. That's all they'll need." Liddell said to her.

Charlotte knew it never made any sense to argue about a mission's specifics. They never went the way they were supposed to anyway, and these were the only times she got to use her power. That alone was worth the tremendous risk. "Alright, I'm ready. When are we leaving?" She said abruptly.

Vision looked over at her. She hadn't expected Charlotte to give in that quickly, especially as Vision herself still wasn't completely sure this was a relatively safe mission. "Are you sure about this Charlotte?" She asked the girl.

"Yeah. General Liddell wouldn't put me in an unsafe position unless he was totally sure of me, right?" Her question seemed tinged with something else; something Vision couldn't make out. She wasn't fully sure of the answer to that question herself though, so she didn't answer. Liddell didn't give her a chance to anyway.

"Of course I wouldn't Charlotte." He said. "Now, you're dismissed. Get some rest for later." She just nodded and left. Vision followed her.


"Hey, can I ask you something?" Vision asked Charlotte.

"Sure, what is it?"

"I kept hearing about points when I was on these jobs with Matthew, Elijah and Richard, but I kept forgetting to ask my dad what they were all about. Now I'm honestly not even sure if he'd tell me the whole truth about it…"

"Oh, so you're starting to mistrust the old man huh?" Charlotte asked her with a grin, resting a hand on her shoulder. "Don't even worry about it. It's nothing strange, that man makes it pretty difficult to trust him. You want to know about the point system?"


"Alright, well it's like this. When you get here, you start out with 0 of course. Each mission gives you a certain number of points, depending on how dangerous said mission is."

"So the more dangerous the mission, the more points you get from it." She stated.

"Exactly. And once you reach a specific number of points, we get to leave. He says it's his way of making sure we have enough control of our power to live in the real world without causing trouble."

"The mission you've got today is….well, pretty dangerous is an understatement. You should be getting a hell of a lot of points for it."

Charlotte looked away at this. "Yeah, I guess…" She answered wistfully.

This change of demeanor didn't go unnoticed. "How many points do you need to get out of here?" Vision asked. Charlotte held up all ten fingers. "Only ten?"

"No, ten thousand."

"And how much do you have?"

The ten fingers stayed up in the air. "Only ten?" She asked again. This time, she was answered with a nod.

"You lose points for stuff too. Like disrespecting him or going…overboard when on a mission."

"Overboard? What counts as overboard? Cause I saw Elijah freeze an entire river and I didn't hear anything about a penalty." Vision noted.

"There was this one time I was supposed to save a child that was set to be sacrificed by a cult. I wasn't supposed to harm any of the cult members, but I…sorta did."

"You 'sorta' did? Just how many of them did you 'sorta' harm?"

"Well…it was less 'harming' and more 'killing'. And it was all of them. Surely you've heard of the massacre of the God's Fallen cult?"

"Yeah, that was when the police found the scattered body parts of the entire cult all over Union Square - Wait a minute, that was you?"

Charlotte nodded.

"But I thought you could only teleport? How could you do all that? I've seen the pictures. These people were torn limb from limb! Those same limbs, as well as torsos and heads, were spread all over the park!"

"Like you said Vision, I can teleport. Though I resent you saying 'only'. It's more versatile than you think."

"Are you saying you can teleport people's body parts off?"

"That's exactly what I'm saying. I can't stand violence against kids, so when I saw that scene, I just snapped. This is the first mission I've been sent on since then."


"Please don't look at me like that. It's not like I enjoyed it. Well…maybe I did at the time, but I regretted it afterward." Charlotte said. "…Ok fine, no I didn't."

"And Richard said Terry was the sadist." Vision remarked, rolling her eyes.

"Terry's done MUCH worse than that, and without a reason no less. Doesn't need one."

It was only then that Vision realized that she brought up their dead friend's name without hesitation. She felt horrible.

"Oh! I'm sorry about Richard…"

But Charlotte waved her concerns off. "Don't worry about it. He knew it was coming."

This struck Vision as odd. "How did he?"

"I don't know." Charlotte replied, shrugging. "He just said to us earlier that day that he didn't think he'd be coming back; then said his goodbyes and everything. He'd always been real spiritual and stuff like that so we figured he knew something we didn't. Truthfully, it hurt Jason the most though."

"They were real close?"

"Best friends. He took the news from Richard really hard and didn't want to believe it. When he heard it actually happened, he went off. I haven't seen him since."

Vision fell silent.

"I'm gonna go get some sleep for later. You should too, you know. Russia's pretty far away." Charlotte said, cutting through the girl's reverie.

"Huh? Oh, yeah. Yeah, you're probably right. I'll see you later then."


On her way back, Vision spotted a young girl sitting near a first-floor window, staring out of it. Whereas she had red hair and Charlotte had red/brown hair, this girl's hair was at the other end of the spectrum: completely brown. Her blue eyes looked sad as they gazed through the glass. Looking closely, there was a pearl-white earring in her left ear. She looked much younger than anyone else she'd seen in this facility. Intrigued, she walked over to her.

"Hi, how you doing?" Vision amiably asked.

The girl looked over at Vision and smiled, as if recognizing her. "Hi! You're Vision, aren't you?" She asked.

"Yes, I am…but how did you know that?"

"I heard about you from Elijah. Yep, he said you had kinda long red hair and sexy green eyes - his words, not mine. Not to mention, you'd be the only girl in this place I don't know."

Tanya made a mental note to bring up the sexy green eyes in a conversation with Elijah later. "So you're one of the powers then?"

"Uh huh, my name's Selene."

Vision remembered the name. Richard had said she was the youngest power in the place. "Oh yeah, you can bring things to life, right?"

Selene nodded happily. "Anything that's not already alive, I can bring to life under my control."

Now that she was thinking about it, Vision saw that perhaps she had been mistaken earlier. Maybe the females in the facility didn't have the kind of obviously powerful abilities that some of the guys had, but when you put your mind to them, they could be amazingly versatile. She hadn't even thought about the body part thing when she first heard teleportation. And now her mind had already gone off on a tangent on what one could do with the ability to animate and control anything inanimate. That was something she'd have to see later.

"That's a beautiful earring." Vision said. "Where'd you get it?"

Selene's eyes lit up at the mention. "Jason made it for me!" She exclaimed joyfully.

"Really? Aren't you a little…young?"

"Jason's only a year older than me, you know." There was a cute indignant puff in her cheeks when she said it. It made Vision want to break into a rendition of Puppy Love. She held back the urge.

"Alright, alright. I'm sorry. What were you looking at out there anyway?" She asked.

This elicited a sigh of longing from Selene. "Nothing special. It's just…I'd love for us all to be able to live out there with the rest of the world. Me and Jason and everyone else, without having to worry about points or anything."

"It'll happen eventually, right?" Vision asked.

"I guess…" It was the same indecision Charlotte had on the same subject.


Vision hadn't gotten as much sleep as she wanted. She couldn't get the look in Selene's face out of her head. There was no reason a child that young should have to live this life. It wasn't until she remembered that the only reason Selene was even there was because her parents didn't want her - just as with all the powers. It's better than the alternative, she thought to herself.

Right now, she was on a plane above the Barents Sea, approaching Russia from the north. Her father was sleeping as usual, and Charlotte was looking out the window. She took this opportunity to ask her about something else on her mind.

"Hey Charlotte?"


"Do you know what exactly happened to Will? All Richard said was that he was on a mission and got captured."

"Only your dad would know what happened aside from that."

"Yeah, Richard said that too." Vision sighed. "I guess I'll have to hope he tells me the truth."

"The truth about what?" Said the general. It seemed he'd waken up.

"About Will Pierce. What happened to him?" Vision asked.

"You mean, besides him getting himself caught? Nothing. That's about it."

"And you're not going to try and help him?"

"Yes, I am. I'm working on that currently."

She wasn't sure she believed him but she kept silent on the subject. Charlotte did as well.

"That's not what you should be worrying about right now anyway. Charlotte, I still haven't told you the layout of the place. Are you at all familiar with it?" He asked.

"I don't know any specifics. All I know is that the Kremlin is made up of four palaces, four cathedrals and a big wall."

"The cathedrals in the Kremlin are the Cathedral of the Dormition, the Cathedral of the Annunciation, the Cathedral of the Archangel Michael, and the Cathedral of the Twelve Apostles. What you're looking for won't be in the Dormition Cathedral or the Archangel for sure."

"Why not?" Vision asked.

"Because both Cathedrals are also burial sites for some of the most powerful people in Russia's history. Almost every Muscovite monarch, including Ivan the Terrible, is buried in the Archangel Michael while Peter the Great himself is interred in the Dormition. No one would even dream of disturbing either of those."

"Ok, well, that leaves the other two. As well as the four palaces." Charlotte noted.

"There are also other small buildings, like churches and such, but you're right. The only buildings large enough to house what we're looking for would be one of those remaining six buildings. As for the palaces, we have the Grand Kremlin Palace, the Palace of Facets, the Terem Palace, and the Amusement Palace. The Palace of Facets houses the imperial thrones, and just as with the cathedrals, President Putin would not have allowed that building to be used. They have great pride in anything having to do with monarchy. This brings it down to a total of five choices of buildings." Liddell explained.

"And how will I know which buildings are which when I get there?"

"Vision will tell me what she sees and I'll tell her what building it is. She's gonna x-ray each building in the area until she finds which one is the right one."

"Sounds easy enough…." Charlotte decided.

"Oh yes, and if you needed another reason to not be seen, there is a bell tower in the Kremlin as well. The Ivan the Great, it's called. There are 21 bells on it, and they will ring if you're spotted. Hence why you should take out the cameras first."

"You enjoy shooting down people's hopes, don't you?"

"We're over Russia right now." He said, ignoring her. They had been flying all night and it was now the next morning. "I'm not sending you in broad daylight of course, however. The mission starts tonight. Be ready."


It was dark out. The streets were practically empty except for three unassuming figures. They sat in chairs on the sidewalk outside of a restaurant, looking toward the Kremlin walls. All the buildings were reminiscent of Arabian-style structures with their brass domed tops and white marble compositions. Liddell pointed at the largest building, situated near the center of the rest. It was two stories tall. The roof itself was a blue-green color, but a tower sat atop the roof which was capped by the same brass dome as the other buildings in the area.

"That is the Grand Kremlin Palace. Approximately 400 feet long, 140 feet high and an area of about 25,000 square meters. By all rights, the room you're looking for is most likely going to be in there as it would be the easiest place to hide a secret room. Vision, if you please."

She simply nodded and her eyes immediately flashed golden/blue. Zooming past the other buildings in the Kremlin, Vision's eyes zeroed in on - and inside - the Grand Kremlin Palace. Its inside was very intricately detailed: there were around five reception halls, all stunningly decorated with gold curtains and pillars of bronze. A sun-shaped pattern was above each reception hall door. The roofs were separated into three sections, which were then subdivided into four squares of white surrounding a circular gold plate. There was a large ruby-draped staircase near the entrance to the palace. Vision went deeper, and turned her gaze underground.

"There's a church underneath." She said.

"The Resurrection of Lazarus church. The room wasn't in the main part of the Palace?"

Vision shook her head.

"Ok, then check the church."

It didn't take long to find it. There was a lone computer sitting in a room off to the right of the Lazarus church, but there was no door leading to it. It was solid wall blocking the only computer she had seen in the entire building.

"It doesn't look much like an important computer room. There's just one computer on a table."

"Yep, that's it." Liddell confirmed. "They wouldn't have made it fancy."

"There's no door to that room though."

Charlotte laughed. "You honestly think that's a problem to me?"

"No, just wondering how they get into that room themselves with no door."

"Probably a secret door switch or something, who cares? What matters is that you know where it is, so I can go in, get what I need and get back out. Then we can go home. Can I go in now?"

"Sure, you can start walking over there now. We should be back at the hotel by the time you get there, at which time I'll turn on your powers. You know how this works." He replied, standing up and handing her the earpiece. "Come on Vision. Charlotte, let us know when you're in position."


"I'm here, right outside the walls." Charlotte whispered into the earpiece.

"Okay C, your powers should be on…now." Vision replied, seeing her father click the inhibitor off.

Just as she said it, Charlotte felt the tingle at the base of her skull and smiled. "Here we go." She said, vanishing into nothingness and reappearing on the other side of the wall. Looking up at the building she was currently in front of, she noticed it was about 3 stories taller than the Grand Kremlin. Taller though it was, it wasn't anywhere near as large. Its exterior decoration was the same though.

"That's the Terem Palace." She heard Vision say. "The Grand Kremlin's over to the right." True to word, when Charlotte turned, the splendor of the Grand Kremlin Palace stood in front of her. That wasn't what she was looking for though. She knew she needed to get rid of that bell tower problem first.

"Where's the bell tower?" Charlotte asked Vision.

"In the northeast corner of the Kremlin."

"How tall is it?"

There was a pause. Charlotte assumed Vision was asking her father. "266 feet. But what's it matter, can't you just teleport to the top?"

"Wish I could, but my teleportation's range isn't all that. Doesn't matter though, it's just gonna take a bit longer to short-range it to the top."

"Short-range it?" Vision asked.

"You'll see." Charlotte whispered, disappearing once again and appearing behind the Grand Kremlin. The bell tower now stood before her. Spotting a guard patrolling, she stepped back into the shadows of the large building and waited for him to pass. When he did, she teleported again to the base of the bell tower and looked up. Taking a deep breath, she began; Vanishing from Vision's sight and reappearing about 15 feet up the tower in the air. Before gravity took effect, she would vanish again and climb a few more feet. Soon, she began to teleport around the circumference of the tower's walls, continuing to move upward. Before long she had made it to the bell area itself, right under the golden cupola on the top. Dropping down to her stomach in the darkness, she quickly took a mental note of the amount of guards up there.

"There's 5 of them." Vision said. Charlotte rolled her eyes but didn't reply. She would have to do this quick.

Teleporting over to the first guard, she appeared over him in the air with her hand on his head. Disappearing again swiftly, his head teleported with her. He fell without making a sound. Before his body hit the floor, Charlotte had already done the same with three more guards' heads. The last one finally noticed the bloodshed and had just opened his mouth to presumably scream. He never got the chance; his head was stolen as well.

"Vision, are there any more on this tower at all?"

The redhead scanned the entire bell tower. "That's a negative, Charlotte. You…quite handily dealt with all of them. I've…never seen anything like that."

The teleporter grinned at the compliment but didn't spend too long dwelling on it. She hadn't even begun her mission yet.

"Anyone near the base of this tower?"

"Yeah, a guard's passing by right now." A minute or so passed. "Alright, he's gone. What are you gonna - What the hell are you doing?!" She yelled, seeing Charlotte dive over the wall of the bell tower. Tuning the noise out of her head, the girl teleported right before she hit the ground. She reappeared in the shadows of the Grand Kremlin's back wall. Vision had nothing to say, though she did wonder why exactly she was still surprised at the things any of these powers could do. How in the hell were they so young but so experienced with their abilities? She didn't even notice Charlotte disappear again and reappear inside the palace itself.

There was a sizable difference between sneaking around outside and sneaking around inside. There were lights on inside. That made things more difficult.

"Alright Vision, I'm gonna need you to tell me where I go from here and where the security cameras are from my current position down to this computer room."

"Ok let me see…You have to get to the other end of the palace. Just go straight from where you are until you see a huge gilded door and a red staircase. From there, it's straight down. You can teleport straight down, right?"

Charlotte just nodded, knowing that Vision could see her. She didn't like talking too much while she was in here; she felt like no matter how low she whispered, she was loud.

"As for the cameras, there are five in the room you're in, four in the hallway outside, another six in the main hall with the staircase, and uh…eight in the computer room."

She had been teleporting between the blind spots of the cameras, but she was quickly realizing that taking out every camera would get annoying. However, they would need light to see anything on the cameras. The only light sources in the large room were two dazzling glass chandeliers and several illuminated wall sconces. Moving very quickly so that her face wouldn't be captured on the cameras, Charlotte teleported to each of the sconces and teleported outside with them, leaving them on the ground near the wall. She did the same with the chandeliers. When the room was pitch black, she ported through the door through the hallway.

The cameras in the room would be switched to night vision in about a second. "Good thing the alarm in this place is that bell tower…" The girl thought to herself. With no time to waste, as security would be heading her way very soon, she began teleporting the lights in the hallway out too: this time, leaving them right underneath where they were hanging.

"Careful in that next room. It's the main hall and there are guards there. I think they've already been alerted that the darkness is leading their way, they're posted up by the door, waiting for you to come through." Vision warned. Charlotte just nodded once again, this time with a slight grin on her face.

Every guard in the room was facing the door, guns at the ready. What they didn't realize was that a figure had already gotten into the room and was systematically disposing of each security camera from the wall, right behind their backs. Charlotte knew she had to finish before her activities at the bell tower were discovered, but for a second she wasn't sure how to deal with them. Should she take them out or head directly down to the computer room? They still didn't know she was in the room. Eventually she decided that the less attention, the better, and teleported straight down after the cameras were finished. The guards never even realized she'd already been in the room.

Finding herself in the back of the church of Lazarus, she thanked God that it was late night; thus no innocents were there.

"That wall to the right, Charlotte." Vision said.

She walked over and rested her hand on the wall. "Right here?" Charlotte asked.

"No, a bit more towards the front of the room…" She instructed, stopping the girl when she reached the right spot. "Ok, right there. It's directly through there. And remember, eight cameras."

"Got it. Is there a camera on this wall right here?"

"Yeah, at the very top."

"That's all I need." She said as she teleported into the room, up on the wall. Resting her hand on the camera, it didn't even take a second before she vanished again. The camera crashed to the floor and practically splintered. It was followed by seven more, one after the other, as the girl vanished and re-materialized along the tops of the walls in the small room. Then she ported over to the computer itself. Pulling the flash drive from her pocket, she plugged it into the USB port on the CPU.

"Alright, what files am I looking for?" Charlotte asked.

Another pause. "You're looking for information on Russia's…nuclear missile delivery systems." Vision's voice noticeably dropped at this. It must have been the first time she'd heard of it, Charlotte thought. She shrugged.

"You're gonna have to give me something better than that. I highly doubt it's going to be named 'Nuclear Missile Delivery Syst - Wait a minute, here we are. Nuclear Strategy. Wow, not too subtle, are they?" She clicked it and was greeted with a password input screen. "It's encrypted."

"The flash drive comes with a password decryption application installed on it." Vision told her.

"It does? Where the hell would you get a flash drive like this, Wal-Mart?" Charlotte wondered aloud, opening the drive program and watching the cracking program do its thing. It was then that she heard it. Footsteps coming down the stairs behind the wall. "Damn, they know I'm here….and this thing isn't done yet." She knew she didn't have much choice, if they got in here, they might decide to destroy the computer rather than let her steal the information. That would be a big Mission Failed. So she teleported back through the wall.

The gunfire was almost instantaneous, but luckily the girl had amazing reflexes. Teleporting again immediately as she materialized, she just barely missed getting shot. Thinking quickly, she teleported directly in front of one soldier, then disappeared as soon as they started to shoot. That soldier was gunned down. Charlotte repeated this with three more soldiers before they wised up and stopped shooting. She took this opportunity to port back into the computer room. The password decryption had finished. Hurriedly, she dragged all the files she needed over into the flash drive. Knowing that she wouldn't have to wait too long for that to finish, the young girl decided to finish up outside.

She appeared back in the church; this time though, she appeared with her arm through one of the soldiers' heads. Porting again, the man fell to the ground. Now thoroughly freaked out, the last remaining soldier started firing wildly all around the church. Everything, including the corpses of his comrades and the religious paraphernalia, were riddled with bullets. He fired until he was out of ammo, and Charlotte teleported around the church, dodging each shot. When he was done, she wasted no time in relieving the man of his head, letting his body drop to the floor as well.

"That's all of them." She noted, materializing back in the computer room once again. The files were done transferring. Ejecting the flash drive from the computer, she teleported out the CPU room, up to the main hall and out the side wall of the Grand Kremlin Palace. Not a moment too soon, she noticed, as she looked over at the bell tower and saw people just making it to the top. The bells began ringing soon after. Charlotte made sure she wasn't there to see the lights come on.

End Chapter 4