Everything Is You

Warmth and light are wrapped up in your shell,

Your body. And a beautiful shell it is.

Darkness meets pale, like moon and midnight,

A mirror, a foretaste of what waits within--

A fire, a shadow, a light, a sea.

Touching you is like touching clouds

Or waves or stars--you're so real, so there,

So warm, yet otherworldly, like

The look in your eyes when you see,

When you feel. And so often, you feel.

So take all I am and I give it

To you. I cannot be without the

Power of your heart devouring my soul,

The fiery waters of what is you

Drowning me so pleasantly, the way

I want it to be. Everything is you--

Night sky and stars, storm clouds with thunder,

And the wild, restless sea--ever the sea, especially the sea,

As restless as you, reaching out

To break down the sandy walls around my heart.