It was a beautiful day, the sun was high and bright, the sky was a light blue that dazzled everyone, the birds sang their songs fully and beautifully and Gods bless how she hated it!

Acqura sat in a tall tree, her back to the trunk and her eyes burning with annoyance and distaste. Had it been up to her, she would have still been in her little house in her huge mountains far from the eyes of others. That was where she belonged, not in the leafy forest she currently found herself in. Baring her teeth in the general direction of the city she had been ordered to, she jumped from her branch and dropped to the ground.

Landing easily on her feet, the woman straightened and let her hair down from a bun. Long masses of black hair fell down her back and shoulders. The tips were pure white at her waist and flamed varying lengths up her back. Her fierce face was framed by white locks, only the roots of them black and pure black hair grew to just her shoulders.

Her clothing was exotic, yet simple, simply because she had her own style. She wore a dark brown leather vest that clasped up her front and was pulled tight around her body. Most women she saw wore pretty dresses and skirts that twirled and puffed. Not only did her profession suggest against those skirts and dresses, but she found them incredibly ugly. Instead, she was dressed in loose black pants that hung on her hips and tied at her ankles, over her thin leather boots.

However plain and out of the ordinary her clothes were, they did not fail at covering her, yet showing the shape of her small and lean body. Her bare arms were powerful and strong, her stomach was small and nothing but muscle under the leather. Though the pants in no way clung to her legs, when she moved their shape was outlined and her grace screamed that well trained muscles resided there too. Her face and skin was soft and clear. It looked as if she had been brought up in a house of a noble and, if one ignored everything else about her, it would have seemed like she had never worked a day in her life. Even so, there were tell tale signs that she had seen more than just a manor wall or castle gate. The soft and clear skin was tanned from the sun in her home and every once and a while a scar would show up on her shoulders or arms. Not to mention the look in her eyes showed none of the ignorance she knew ran through 'nobles'. She had lived for twenty years and she had seen and encountered more than most did in their life time. Such was the curse of fate.

Muttering to herself, Acqura looked around the very small clearing that held the tree she had just climbed and sighed, picking up her pack, bow, and quiver of arrows. Almost all of her possessions were in that pack, and it almost depressed her to think about it. Sighing angrily she looked to the sky and whistled loudly before crossing her arm moodily and waiting.

It was not long before an incredibly large, black eagle broke from the canopy of the first and circled her. For the first time a small smile twitched at the side of her lips and she held her hand out to the bird. Obediently, the creature winged his way over and landed gently on her arm, careful not to hold onto her flesh too tightly. The woman brought her arm back and started to gently stroke the creature, running her hands through his feather and making soft noises to him.

"Sky, why did I have to be the one to do this?" She growled, her voice surprisingly soft for her and smooth as velvet. "She has other slaves." Her blue eyes started into the eagle's golden ones for a while before she smirked, looking around her. "I wonder…" She lifted her arm and sent the eagle soaring into the air. A dangerous look on her face, she tightened her grip on her bow, readjusted the quiver on her back and started to race through the trees of the forest with an agility that would have stunned everything but wolves and large cats. With every step she took and every beat of Sky Soar's wings behind her, the smile and look on her face intensified. For a moment, she thought she would be able to escape, to get away and live her life without having that annoyance following her around.

As her fate would have it, she could not get away that easily and came to a sliding halt in front of a woman she was getting sick of seeing, even though the woman would have any and every man at her feet begging her to touch them.

She had short hair that framed her face and had jagged horizontal stripes going down them, alternating between flaming red and the darkest of black. Her body was rounded and covered in glittering red robes. Green eyes graced her face and long fangs like Acqura's poked just slightly out from under her lips. The sight of her made Acqura curse most colorfully and the woman simply smiled.

"Is that any way to speak in front of a goddess?" She asked.

Acqura just looked at her, a sneer plastered on her face. "You are no goddess." She spat on the ground before the woman's face.

Sighing, the woman waved her hand as if this had been covered before and she had to explain again to someone who was not paying attention, or to someone who was just plain stupid.

"Now, now Acqura. I may not be a full goddess yet, but I'm getting there and I am the servant of a few so you should so me some respect." She smiled. "Besides, to you I am as good as. You should be thankful that I have chosen you as a follower and blessed you with my power and my guidance." Her beautiful moss green eyes narrowed at Acqura. "Though, for a chosen follower you do tend to go astray often."

The mortal human scoffed and crossed her arms, forcing Sky Soar to land on her shoulder when he showed up. "Blessed? Guidance?" She snarled. "You cursed me with a little of your image and the ability to change my form. As for guidance, you send me to do your chores. This is no blessing, this is punishment for stealing from your cart ten years ago."

The woman smiled. "Exactly. I need to teach you and enlighten you. Perhaps one day you will thank me for it and submit to calling me your goddess."

Acqura smiled, but it was more like she was baring her fangs at the woman. "I will never call you my goddess and you can't keep me here. I'm…"

She was cut off by the woman suddenly right in her face and clearly angry.

"Look, Acqura. I'll make you a deal. If you stay, if you watch over my sister's prize, I will free you. I'll take back the power, I'll give you everything you had back and more. You can keep your mountain and you can keep my bird. Just do this."

Electric eyes gazed into green and Acqura laughed softly. "You're scared aren't you. Is your sister an actual goddess? I bet you're pretty pissed about that." She snickered at the woman. "But fine. If you promise to free me, I will take care of the little wench your sister want for herself."

Their eyes still boring into each other, Acqura held out her hand to the woman, her face daring and dangerous. Standing tall and proud, the woman glared at her errant servant before clasping her hand and vanishing.

Sighing, Acura looked over at Sky Soar. "You told her didn't you." He just looked at her, but she could see the laughter in his eyes. "You cruel soul." She held out her bow, quiver, and pack out to him. "For that, you're carrying everything."

The bird ruffled his feathers angrily, took flight and snatched up her possessions on his way to the sky.

Smirking after him, she woman suddenly felt alone and the feeling angered her beyond imagination. With a disgusted snarl at herself, she pulled her 'gift' to her consciousness. A light flowed over her and in her place stood a large and gorgeous white tiger, its black stripes contrasting harshly yet beautifully with the white fur. The creature growled and padded away in the direction Sky Soar flew, obviously not pleased with this turn of events.