The two women sat across from each other and most people who looked at them would think they were having a staring contest, a very pointless past time for two such beautiful women. Even the black wolf at their feet was looking between the two of them, as if he could see invisible words flying through the air with his blinded eyes. People in the tavern were starting to whisper about the strange women, but oblivious, Acqura and Paws continued to stare each other down.

At last, Acqura blinked and drew in a deep breath, blinking at the witch who slowly came from the trance, a smile on her lips. Acqura just stared at her, her fangs bared. "So, if you can force things into my head, can you read what is in there and take it out too?"

Paws laughed softly and shook her head. "No, I cannot, your deep secrets are safe. I can only get something from you if I know exactly what I am going to get so I know how to see it, that is why people do not try to mind read, their mind would be over powered and it would knock them out for years. I can only put things in your mind because I know what we will both be seeing and I am the more powerful magic user." She picked up her eating utensil and started to dig into her steaming eggs on the plate the tavern keeper had given her.

It had been a week and a half since the two of them had ridded A-- of Chathiel and the world of Arto and they had been traveling north the whole time. When they had started to journey, they had no idea that they would encounter a mountain and feet of snow. It had come as a shock to them and they had to purchase cloaks and Acqura now had to wear a think layer under vest, which annoyed her beyond all belief and reasoning. They also had purchased horses, so they would not look as questionable when they crossed boarders or went into a new town. But now they stayed at a tavern that was a checkpoint for travelers crossing the gorge and taking the only safe route through the mountain. The women, or course, were fully expecting to take some detour either in the gorge or right when they got out of it. Both of them were having odd dreams and calling bristled over their flesh. They knew things were waiting for them on the other side of the mountain and both of them were obviously wary of those things.

"So…" Acqura started softly, picking at her breakfast while Paws attempted to ignore her. "Any more dreams about that man?" Silver eyes shot up and narrowed when they locked with blue. "Have you gotten any further than a kiss?"

"No!" Paws snapped, jumping to her feet and taking a step back from her friend, her arms crossed and her eyes glaring daggers.

Acqura chuckled and leaned back in her chair. "You are such a bad liar. Tell me what happened! For you have seemed to have found a way to block me from your dreams, and that hurts me, it is almost as if you do not trust me."

"You would be right, trust in you is completely lacking." The sorceress drawled.

Once again the other woman started laughing. "Just tell me what happened."

"It is none of your business."

"But it keeps me amused."

Paws steamed and scowled. "Then why don't you have the dreams and you have the man. See if I care."

"Maybe I will. Maybe I will kiss him and take him with me." Acqura's electric blue eyes locked on Paws, making the witch shift uncomfortably. "Maybe I could make him fall in love with me."

"You would not dare." Paws hissed.

"I would."

Anger and fear boiled in Paws' mind and before she had a chance to stop herself, she picked up her place of eggs and threw them at Acqura, hitting the other woman square in the face with enough force to knock her over.

Acqura blinked up at Paws, who was now looking down at her in her toppled chair. "You dirty whore!" The shifter snarled, jumping to her feet, snatching her own plate and hurling it at Paws.

The witch ducked and the plate hit a big and hung-over man in the back of the head. Both women stared as he turned around, a steaming roll in his hand. The man growled and threw the bread at them and they both ducked and watched the roll hit a woman, making her spill her hot tea. Before they could blink, the tavern exploded in a food fight with colorful curses.

Paws and Acqura scrambled towards the door as fast as they could grabbing and saving their cloaks from the food.

"Astrum! Come on!" Paws yelled over the chaos.

These eggs are good. The wolf said and she found him in the middle of everything, eating the eggs she had thrown at Acqura. Why would you waste these?

"Acqura deserved it." Paws answered.

"I did not."

"Just come on Astrum!"

Fine, fine. He growled, racing towards her voice and the door. With a slam, they were all out in the snow, spells cast on them to keep them from sinking in the foot that covered the ground. Together they ran to the stabled, tacked up and tried packs to their horses and broke out of the town at a full gallop, all three of them enjoying life far more than they ever remembered.

Smiling, Acqura urged her horse to catch up to Paws and her mare. Once they were neck and neck, the shifter looked over at the other woman. "By the way, you owe me breakfast, whore."