Chapter 1: A sex god perhaps?

I have this little game I like to play whenever I ride alone on the bus. I like to look around at all the strangers, and then I'll try to imagine their life stories. Some I deduce are exotic royalty from a country I've never heard of, others are scientists who have discovered stars around which unbeknownst to them, planets containing foreign life orbit. For some people I speculate the mundane, mothers or accountants. I spend plenty of time alone on the buses so I've come up with quite a few peculiar stories.

That's where I am now. Riding along, searching for interesting candidates. There is this one woman, sitting across the aisle and up one row. I'd like to believe she once owned the largest bakery in all of California. She then tragically lost everything after a freak accident robbed her of her sense of taste. The guy sitting behind her is well...oh my, he is gorgeous. I'm not at the greatest angle so I can't see everything, but what I can see, I like. He has got this perfectly perfect golden brown hair that's not too long but long enough where he keeps flicking it out of his eyes. He is wearing this nifty (I'm lame) shirt with a crown on it and these snug fitting jeans which I'm almost certain are designer. I can tell he's muscled but not overly so. His skin is almost a honey tan and he's just so gorgeous.

His appearance is a stark contrast to my own. Me with my straightened and dyed black 'scene' haircut. My brown eyeliner and skinny jeans I stole from my best friend. My eyes are also brown. Most people with brown eyes say that they hate them but I love mine. They're big and pretty and when I pout they help me get things that I want. According to my dear physician I'm ten pounds under weight. His opinion doesn't matter much to me, I imagine his life story to be a long period of time spent on the run from the cops due to accusations of pedophilia. Okay so I'm insane...anyway, personally I think I'm one hot kid.

The guy across from me defines hot. He will be mine. What is his life story... a sex god perhaps? Yes, I think that suits him nicely.

So...what to do, what to do? At the next bus stop I casually get up from my seat and perch myself next to him. The asshole didn't even turn to glance at me. Ah well, I will not be deterred.

"Hi there, what's your name?" I try my best to make a pretty smile.

"Uhm, John John, ..Smith"

Oh, he's so obviously lying. He must think I'm crazy, can't say I blame him.

"Well in that case my name is Pocahontas, nice to meet you!"

In reality my name is Kael, but I decide being clever will be more fun than revealing that.

Damn, I think I just giggled. I'm not very good at this. Though, he is smiling, he seems amused. Holy shit, his eyes. These eyes of his are the most amazing, spectacular, shade of green I have ever seen. Okay, I'm officially in swoon mode.

He. Will. Be. Mine.