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Kaia Taylor

This can't be happening. That's what's going through my mind as I sit in Starbucks, my coffee growing cold in my hands.

How could he have done that to me? I loved him. I trusted him.

I get out my pocket mirror and study my face, trying desperately to convince myself that my looks are not what drove him away. My face stares back at me, still white and shocked, but otherwise all right. Dark blue eyes. Freckly. Red curls. Tomato ketchup coloured was what Leo used to call them. Stop thinking about him!

Anyway, back to the rhetorical question that I've been asking myself since I got here an hour ago. 'What did she have that I don't? Curves, definitely. And foreign looks; all smouldering and Italian. Just thinking about her makes me shudder.

The sound of the door opening in the silent café makes me look up. I see a tall figure with blonde, shaggy hair, slicked down from the rain. 'That doesn't mean it's him,' I think, praying that it isn't, but somehow hoping that it is. .

Then he looks up, and I know it's him. 'Damn….' Oh, God, he's seen me. He's walking to my table.

'Why does he have to look so good wet?' I ask myself 'No, stop thinking that, Kaia. Bad brain. Naughty thoughts'

Now he's sitting opposite me. I don't know what to say to him. Instead, I concentrate on drinking the last, disgusting dregs of cold coffee, wishing him to go away, and at the same time, praying that he says something.

The silence between us stretches into a chasm. Our eyes lock, each of us daring the other to break the wall of silence that separates us. Leo cracks first. Just as he opens his mouth to speak, the waitress brings another paper cup of steaming coffee that I don't even remember ordering.

"Kaia…" he begins. I don't look up. "Look at me," Reluctantly; I raise my head. Leo rubs his face with one hand, resting his chin on the other. He looks upset, and for a moment, I almost feel sorry of him.

"It wasn't what you thought," he mumbles

"You don't know what I thought," I reply scathingly

His chocolate-brown eyes meet mine. "Yes I do," he says, "You saw Mariella and me together, and you assumed -"

"Oh, I assumed did I,"

"You assumed that we-that I was cheating on you. And I wasn't!"

At this blatant denial, something inside me snaps. I stand up. My hand closes around the still-hot coffee cup. In one fluid movement, I throw the coffee at him. Coffee drips from his blonde, floppy hair, the tip of his nose, his long eyelashes. It's staining his white shirt a lovely muddy brown. I know it's childish, but I can't help laughing as I turn on my heel and walk out, trying to put as much distance between me and him, trying to stop thinking about what I saw and failing. I'd gone to seem him at the burger bar where he was working…

'Leo's going to be so surprised when I get there' I think to myself as I walk towards Bob's Burgers.

I see Leo through the window. But something's wrong. He's not working. And he's not by himself. He's with a girl. A girl with olive skin and black eyes the colour of a bottomless pit. I know instantly that this must be Mariella, the Italian beauty that is Leo's ex-girlfriend. I watch as she leans towards him, giving him an eyeful of her décolletage.

He says something to her, and she laughs, throwing her head back, and tossing her silky black hair. Then she puts her hand on his. She whispers to him, her red lips brushing his ear, her long fingernails caressing his cheek.

"Get your filthy hands off him, you little tart," I hiss.

Leo looks up. Our eyes meet, and I know he's seen me. Leo looks like a little boy caught doing something he shouldn't.

I give him one look of pure poison to let him know what I think of him and walk away without looking back...

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