When I hear the doorbell ring, I don't expect it to be her. I mean, she has a key after all. And after our 'encounter' earlier, I highly doubt that she wants to talk to me anyway.

I open the door.

"How could you do this, Leo?" she exclaims, pushing her way past me into the flat we shared only this morning.

I guess shock must be showing in my face because suddenly she is yelling.

"Don't give me that look Leo, you know what you did!"


"Just because your stupid slut of a girlfriend won't have you, you try to get me back by stalking me?!"

"I didn't-" I want to tell her that it wasn't me, that I would never do anything like that, but she cuts me off.

"You sent me photos, Leo. Photos of me," She's not yelling anymore, but she sounds so sad, like all the fight has been knocked out of her. "Now excuse me while I get my stuff,"

I watch silently as she packs up her clothes, shoes and makeup into a holdall and walks out, not bothering to close the door behind her.

I notice she's left all the clothes that I made for her in a crumpled heap on the floor. Her way of telling me she doesn't want any part of me in her life.

I sit on the sofa and think. Who could have sent Kaia the photos? Who would prefer if Kaia and I were bitter enemies, and hated each other with a passion?

Then it hits me.

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