Corey O'Donaghue Is Dead

It was too beautiful not to be cut up. And a genius' art must be shattered sometime. And although nobody else knew it at the time, the 'puzzle pieces" were just being put back together. And the people who represented the 'nobody else' didn't think that a magazine could hold much importance (at first). But a now torn letter fell out of those pages. Strangely, she dotted her 'I's with little hearts and knew precisely when the world was going to end. All of that was thought only to create gossip and tossed off in the minds of those opposite of the nobody else. And the nobody else would have devoured the news. So, instead of waiting for lies to be released, the beauty was tucked carefully in a scrapbook as its shape was being reformed.

On Wednesday evening, those opposite the nobody else released this statement to the press: "Be assured that we will be removing all that we find undesirable." But that was only to get nobody else off their trails, and stray them away from the truth, which was simply: nothing about it was undesirable and not a soul would ever know the whole story.

By Thursday the nobody else crowd had calmed and accepted the found-to-be-true statement. For them especially, all that was left to do was wait.

And Friday, a boy was taking a bath. He was enjoying the hot water and perfumed bubbles. And nobody else knew who was there with him. After all, he was at his apartment in Paris, France, and that just happened to be where everything started. He was too beautiful not to be cut up.

Some things are too beautiful not to be cut up.

Special Note Remember, the importance lies not in the name. By the way, there might be a story here.

Peace and Love

H.P. Warble