She gasped as her eyes flicked open. Her body felt bruised as she began to lift herself. Her strength left her and she fell back, hitting her head on the ground. Her face felt the pavement.

It was slick from something, rain? She thought. No, it hadn't rained. Why was she on the ground anyway? She tried again, this time reaching her knees. She caught a glimpse of something small to her right. Picking it up, she wiped the dirt and blood off. Blood?

The blood smeared more and she finally saw that, through all the mud, there was a knife. She dropped it like a hot coal. Her eyes began to adjust to the darkness, for it was night, and she discovered what had made the pavement wet. The same blood that she had wiped off the knife was drenching the front of her shirt and arms.

Her heart pounded in her chest threatening to rip though her shirt. She looked around her. A body lay only feet from her. An officer stood by shooing people around yellow tape.

She was hoisted up and laid on a flat bed. She recognized a couple faces in the crowd staring at her. They talked to one of the officers, insisting to get by. He replied by waving them away. Her focus finally gave up and unconsciousness overtook her.

"Is she alright?" asked a girl with glasses and bushy brown hair. She stood up by the tape trying to get a better view of the scene.

"They're taking her to the hospital now," replied a girl behind her. She too, was wearing glasses and she had her shoulder length brown hair up in a ponytail.

"Sakura, do you know anything about the person who was killed?" asked a tall boy next to her. He usually sported a green jacket that Sakura was currently using to stop the cold.

The girl with the ponytail shook her head, "I don't think even she knew who that girl was."

She woke up to see an officer. "The girl's awake; can I ask her a few things ma'am?"

The nurse looked peeved, but had been instructed to allow them to ask questions.

"Miss, the condition your in is very minor, just some bruises and no cuts or major wounds. Do you know who the victim was?"

She shook her head; she didn't remember anything except for waking up at the scene covered in blood.

"Do you know how you got there?"

Again, she shook her head.

"Do you remember anything that happened or the last thing you remember?"

She shook her head in frustration. She didn't recall anything. She didn't know how or when or why she had been there. A wave of dizziness fell over her as she strained to keep her head up.

She felt her head hit the pillow as oblivion overpowered her. A dream came to her. It started out unfocused, then turned into a night scene. It was dark out and she recognized her location. Her friend, Silas, lived within the area.

She walked artlessly down the street, for there were no sidewalks. Her head turned to one of the houses. The house had a cozy look to it. A warm glow emitted from the windows on the first floor. She watched the front door open.

A boy stepped outside, the pale glow from inside was absorbed by his navy blue shirt. He went over to a car and began to dig through his pockets, searching for a key, she noted.

While he was busy searching, she crept up and hid behind a corner of the house. He finally found the key and began unlocking the car. She stepped out from behind the house. Looking down, she saw an object that reflected the house lights. She drew up behind him.

He caught a shimmer of a reflection in the side mirror and turned. Just as she brought down the object, he skirted to the side, making it just miss him. He looked at the graze on the car door and back at her with a confused expression.

When she didn't respond or move, he edged himself around to the other side of the car, putting the car between them. She lowered her arm and stared at him with a blank expression.

She made a quick move as if to run around the car to her right. He gave an impulsive lurch to his right. Her blank expression turned to one caught between anger and glee.

He backed away from the car, preparing to run. She knew for a fact that she couldn't catch him. He was faster than her.

She paused again, and removed her jacket. She took the keys from inside the door lock and smiled. He immediately began a running sprint away from the car.

She turned on the ignition and backed the car a little ways out of the driveway. He sprinted through other people's yards, not knowing where to go where she couldn't just ram a car straight through. Calling for help would do him no good either so he did the next best thing, he tried to hide.

When he became convinced that the car had passed, he slowly started his way home, crouching low to avoid being seen. Bright light blurred his vision and the last thing he saw was the headlights of his parent's car.

Silas woke in a cold sweat. That was the second time since Shauna's incident that he had had a nightmare of himself being murdered by her. He wasn't quite sure why he was having those dreams, but the mere fact that they existed was enough to shake him.
Shauna awoke in the hospital bed feeling better than she had in the past two days she had spent there. Several familiar faces surrounded her, all smiling with relief. She rose slowly and found that, after even one day in bed, she couldn't walk so she didn't try to this time.

She grabbed her jacket off the pole by her bed. The last thing she remembered about her dream was that she somehow miraculously survived with only a few minor cuts, and then she went back to the place where her jacket had fallen, and put it on.

Shauna shivered, not from the cold, but from the thought. Killing Silas had been her plan in that dream as well as the previous dream about her strangling him unrealistically.

She looked at him with minor sympathy; he seemed to be caught up in so many traumas all the time. It was as if bad luck followed him everywhere nowadays.

Everyone began to depart to let her rest when she called out," Wait, Sakura I need to talk to you."

She stayed back and walked back to the bed. "Yes?" she asked.

"I need to tell you about something important."

"Okay, what is it?" she replied impatiently.

"Sorry, it's just this dream I had. I killed Silas," she continued to explain the dream she had.

She turned when she heard the doorknob turn, "okay, everybody needs to leave and let her finish resting so she can go home in the morning." The nurse shooed Sakura out of her room. Shauna smiled with relief; she could be back home soon.

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