that was the two hundred

and fifty seventh piece ripped out.

words that never solve the pain,

ink you wish was blood.

that was your one heart he just

so brutally ripped out.

confusion that follows you,

like a shadow on a sunny day.

he is the shadow that towers over

you and your life and your thoughts.

brain relating thing to thing, 7Eleven to

slurpees to strawberries to Across The Universe.

everything comes back to him.

why won't you trust me? i'm just trying to tell you

the truth. the truth, goddamnit. i am your best friend,

trust me.

everything comes back to him.

he abused it. the full trust i let him whisk away,

he captivated my heart and never let go of me.

i am on a string, left to drag along the leftovers. i was

everything he ever never wanted.