Life's So Cruel

Life's so cruel

Always leaving me to play the fool

When it comes to love and the people around me

Who I care about

Because it is plain for everyone to see

Without a doubt

That I give my love freely

And ask for nothing in return

Because I know it has to come to them

When they are ready and on their own turn

But is it so wrong to ask and want to be loved

And not to be lied to and played the fool

Life is already so cruel

Denying me something I longed for all along

Always making me feel

That everything I do is wrong

But is it wrong to want to have time to heal

Or not wanting to have your loved ones to be hurt

By some messed up sort

And have to go through and feel some of the things you feel

When all you want to do is keep them from all the pain

That pours into your life like the rain