High school starts

But as soon as the year begins

It ends

But during those months and years

You a touch a few hearts

And cause a few tears

You make friends every which way you turn

But then you learn

That some of the people you trusted could turn against you

And burn you just as bad as your enemies could do

But the lessons learned form good experiences gone bad

Teaches who are the friends to be trusted and had

The ones who become your special friends

Are the ones you make promises with

Tell secrets to

Ones that no one will ever know about you

Especially about the crazy things

You have done with them and to

Now as the year draws to an end

You reminisce about all the promises made and the secrets still to keep

About them specials friends

And all the times you have gone to the mall on not even an hours sleep

While you were secertly laughing and thanking god

That your parents didn't catch you sneaking in

From seeing that special guy

That your parents don't approve of and would rather die

And hoping that when high schools ends

You will still have them special friends