What I Need In A Guy

Every girl has her own opinion on what she might need in a guy

And the things that has to apply

It seems age is always made to be such a big deal

Age doesn't matter much to me

Because why should it matter if he makes you feel alive and real

And if it is meant to be

Its going to happen anyway

No matter what people may do or say

I use to need and want my fairy tale guy

And the thigns he just had to have

Like those baby blue eyes

And those amazing masculine thighs

He had to have a six pack

But no I focus only on the things that I need

Because all the fantasies I had I freed

The things I now need are so simple

But so hard to find

I need someone who is strong

But just as kind

And would stick by me, no matter what may come along

Someone who isn't going to act like he is going to die

If I am having a bad day and decide I need a good cry

I need someone who is going to hold me through the night

And tell me everything is going to be alright

Just as I need someone who just as passionate as me

And isn't afraid to show me affection where someone might see

The things I need might seem so simple to you

But they mean the world to me

Because of all the thigns I have been through