Okay redid my second story. Enjoy

They say we can't be killed, or kill ourselves.

Stupid people, stupid mortals,

They're fasinated by us,

Then they find out what we can do,

Then... kill us

One... by... one.

All we have to do is say, "Hi.",

And they slice us in two,

Where is the tendership,

Where is the warmth,

Where is the damn love.

And so to prove the saying wrong,

We can't kill ourselfs,

How much blood poars from a severed artery?

A lot if you think about it.

And so, to those who think they're god,

And think the worlds they're game,

I contribute my blood.

And so, to those people,

I hope your happy,

I hope you die laughing,

I know I will.

All the way to hevean.

I still hate the world you know!!! R&R