Same Gray Sky


I'm standing in the rain
So that you won't see me cry,
But through the cloak of tears
I still see the same gray sky.

…And that's when I realize—

The world hasn't stopped spinning;
Time hasn't screeched to a stop;
Nothing has changed,
No one is at fault.

…In fact, every thing is just as it was.
Just as it always was…

Seasons change, memories fade;
Just as the night turns to day… (because…)

The world won't stop spinning,
Time won't come to a stop—
Nothing will change,
No one held at fault.

People live; people will die
All beneath the same gray sky—

The same old gray sky that
Sees the seasons change;
The same old gray sky that
Is always the same—

Even as the world keeps spinning,
And as time keeps flowing on…
The gray sky will still be gray…

Even if the world won't stop spinning,
And even if time won't stop—
Even if nothing else changes
And no one is at fault—

The gray sky will still be gray,
Even when all else has gone.


L. Kantenseter