October 13 2014

For the record, I have no plans to take down ATC or make anyone pay for a copy of my unedited and unprofessional work.

That being said, would anyone be interested in a Kindle copy of ATC?

I've never charged for anything I've written before but if I edited and prettied up ATC (maybe fixed the ending a little?), would you guys be interested in a Kindle copy purchase? I'm just trying to gauge interest on whether it's worth it or not to put the time into editing this piece.

I have never done this before so I don't know what sort of price range Kindle books go for, but what if I could keep it under $10?

I'd be forever grateful if you took just a little time to let me know yes or no on the matter of Kindle books in a review or PM. :)

This actually might re-kindle (sorry for the pun!) my interest in writing.

Thank you everyone 3

Edit: Just read Kindle's Terms of Service and they state I cannot have a copy up (more than 10%) anywhere for free or for pay if I self-publish with them. :/ Ideas, anyone?

Additional Edit

Forgot I ended up taking down my end note to this story after the Epilogue (it was there, then I moved to LJ and now I've moved back; it was lost somewhere in all this moving).

Just to sum it all up: I know, I know, the ending sucked.

It was the first full novel length piece I ever wrote and it was completed somewhere back in 2008. Cut me a little slack :) I didn't know what I was doing (still debatable, though, mind you) and I bungled my way through it. I wrote a lot of RP stuff at that time and I ended up letting my characters change so drastically that I had trouble finishing the story and rushed it. I learned my lesson: keep your RP characters separate from your novel stories. They're two completely different beasties.

Basically, the ending needs to be smoothed over and left more open ended. I do understand, I'm just too far removed from this piece to fix it without some serious effort. I don't have the time or the energy to sit down and edit this piece- its been too many years. If I ever work with it further I will fix the ending. For now, my deepest apologizes but I hope you enjoyed at least some of the story. 3 Please don't run me over with your vehicle.