It's the end of the day and it's over for you

Singing, screeching, shouting for you.

You had a chance now it's gone and there's nothing more

You had a life now it's gone and there's nothing more

Why is it so hard to admit you're alone?

Why is it so hard to leave your shadow?

Why won't you look up?

Look up, please look up.

You can't make everything fade away

All the colors blur into gray

It's your life that you want to leave

Bearing your burdens enough to cry.

Please, just for once look up.

If you'd just listen, you'd hear it too.

Please, I need you to wake up.

Bring yourself back to me.

When the path gets rough you never complain

Closing your lips you forge ahead

never mind the things that you needed.

Never mind the things they won't let you have.

Wake up, You have to now.

Please just open your eyes, just once.

Take your hands away from your ears

Just let yourself hear.

You tried again and slipped again

You bandaged your own scars again

If anyone cares they act like they don't

If anyone cared they act like they don't.

Please, just once listen to me

It's not those people I promise I swear

Please, just open your eyes to me

Reach out and feel me I'm real I swear.

You walk alongside nothing but you live anyways

Shrug off your burdens and give them away.

Struggle to fight and fight to struggle

Slay your dragons with your silver sword.

If you'd just look at me then you'd know

If you'd just listen to me then you'd know.

I wish I could show you I wish I could tell you

Open your eyes;

You've always been alone.