Stranded begging me to set you free

I know it's hard, don't think I have no clue;

But I need you to know I cannot help you

Stand back up

You have to face us all

I know you think it's too hard

I know you're afraid to fall

But I trust you to know

I know that you know

You can choose to keep going

you don't have to be alone.

You don't understand what's happening

In your head it's a blurry dream.

They don't seem to notice you sleeping

even as you begin to scream.

You say you haven't a single choice

But I know it's a lie just looking at you

Never trying to save your life

I wanna tell you that you're alive too.

It's so hard

It's too Hard

Yes, You're trying

I know you're dying.

Because you are asleep you can't save yourself

You don't need to defend yourself anymore.

Your own little lies tugging you down

Facing your demons with their homicidal roar.

It's hard to believe that you'll be okay.

Pale and shaking and crying and bleeding.

I don't know where this is gonna go;

But I'm trying to follow your leading.

I just wanna help you now

But no one can save you cause you aren't here

If you'd just wake up I think you'd be fine

On your behalf, every Angel sheds a tear.

Pick yourself up

When you fall down

I know they'll forgive you

I know you won't drown.

One day when you understand

Dark eyes will shine again

I'll hold your hand to support you

Just tell me when.

We're trying please know we're trying

Wake up cause there's no one left to hurt you

I swear to you you'll make it through this

Sweetest, the Doctors are telling the truth.

Face hits the concrete I know you didn't see

I watch you start crying and I wish you were awake

The other people turn away but I never will,.

Take away the knife for your own sake.

Well, this is it. The final piece. This is the last because it discusses healing. It's not about the person actually getting better; I think people carry some of that person inside of them. So the person in these poems doesn't need to heal; They will one day. They just have to wake up into the world that will receive them.