Out of my house I sit down

slowly the wind plays with my hair

I imagine you walk toward me with a gift

through that path full of colorful flowers

and I hold you tight as if it wasn't true

a long time later my love has increased.

Why have you said goodbye

after I say I love you?

why have you reminded me

we're only friends?

I know how much you love that person

I know how much I wish to be that person

but I am me and I love you.

You came to us the sunlights shined upon you

you gave her a gardenia and you invited her a ride

in lethargy I witnessed the end of a wonderful dream

even though I covered my ears I heard a break in my heart.

Since you took her away

I walk alone in the crowd

looking for who wanna love me

a love that belongs me really

I want someone to give me a gardenia too

I want someone to give me a gardenia...