You Spaghetti Brained Ding-Dong


Oh, he was gorgeous, he was dashing he was gallant, he looked like Jeremy Sumpter and-you have got to be joking me right? That boy was devil spawn, and he knew it.

"Hey Ginger," he sat next to me, running a hand through his hair "What are you looking at? My incredible sexiness?"

I guffawed at that one "Oh Deklin, you do crack me up. Honey, what pills have you been taking?"

"No," he smirked and leaned closer to me "It's what pills will you be taking after tonight."

"You dirty little-" my Grandmother looked over and I sent her a smile, too bad my Grandmother happened to adore Deklin. He was her next door neighbour and always came over to help her weed the garden.

Leaning closer to him I sent him a menacing smile "One day she isn't going to be there to save you and your heads gonna-" I clicked my fingers "right off your body."

'Hey Lue," he called out to my Grandmother who immediately turned from where she sat knitting in her chair "Can I go to that dress up party with Ginger? My parents aren't going to be home tonight-" I dug my fingers into his leg "And I feel so lonely."

"Oh, Germaine, you simply must take him." My Grandmother sent him an adoring look "You're little friends won't mind will they?"

"Yes." I whined "Grandma, please don't let him go. He'll ruin the whole night for me-"

"Thanks." He said bitterly, and I shot him a look, why did he care?

"Germaine Winifred," Grandmother scolded sending me a glare "You are going to take him and that's that."

"Grandmother?" she looked at me inquiringly, daring me to protest any more "You have a milk moustache."



Stamping my foot impatiently I waited at the door for Deklin, soon enough he came to answer it.

Oh my dear God, he was a pirate.

"H-Hello Deklin," I stammered embarrassingly, really, I hate me, I really do.

"Now," I snapped myself out of my reverie trying to ignore the fact he was wearing an unbuttoned shirt "Why are you so late hmm?"

"Was doing my hair," he responded, alike a robot, staring at me "Are you a genie?"

"No, Einstein," I snorted "I'm a clown, and by the way Deklin, how come you spent so much time doing your hair and yet it still looks the same as when you wake up?"

"Question, Ginger," I sent him an inquiring look "Have you ever seen me after I have just woken up?"

I ignored his question, because I hadn't of course and grabbed his hand "Now, come on, let's go."

He didn't follow me; he tightened his own hand around mine but stopped dead in his tracks "Ginger, you're coming in my car. You are so not driving me there."

Making an indignant noise I tugged my hand out of his and sat defiantly on the ground, I really had no problem with it; I just didn't feel like obeying him.

"Ginger," he said in an ordering tone "Up."

I lied back onto the ground and fluttered my eyelashes at him, smirking "No."

He looked annoyed and I grinned with glee, I loved how the tables had turned. Well, until he plucked me from the ground and carried me bridal style to his car. Not really, it's just the close proximity of his chest and my head was sending me into a dizzy spell so I kind of lacked protest.

You could totally see all the lines on his chest from my view, oh and let me tell you, this boy was defined. It took me all my will power to keep myself from stroking it and soon enough he had plonked me on the chair next to his, shutting the door on my drooling face.

I sat in the car in silence, staring out the window and wrapping my arms around myself with a shiver. Hopefully my friends had the sense to put on the heaters, I mean; I was wearing a belly-bearing top for heavens sakes. I wasn't used to my tummy being exposed to the temperature like this.

When we arrived I sent Deklin a look "Now, no embarrassing me, no freaking out my friends, no-"

"Rolling around on the floor naked or following the trail of crumbs to the gingerbread house," Deklin said coldly, rolling his eyes "Give me some credit, Winifred."

"Fine," I frowned at him "Have a nice time then."

Stalking off on him I went to find my friends, they had obviously invited quite a crowd "Hey, Soph!"

"Hey," she grinned and walked over to take my arm and whispered in my ear "I have someone for you to meet."

She took me over to some guy dressed as a bodyguard and I eyed him curiously "This is Austin."

She quickly rushed off, sending me a grin.

"Hello," I said with a small grin and shook his hand, he grinned charmingly at me "I'm Germaine."

"Really, what a lovely name-" he was interrupted by someone sticking a manly hand out at him.

"Hi," the owner of the hand said "I'm Deklin."

Sending Deklin an irritated look I managed to keep up my smile "Yes, he is Deklin. Buh-bye Deklin."

Deklin ignored me, insolent boy.

"You know what I'm thirsty why don't we-" I began but was cut off.

"Me too, why don't you get the lady a drink Austin? I'm sure it would be no trouble to get me one on the way too." He grinned mechanically at Austin.

"No," Austin sent me a charming look "Not a problem at all, excuse me milady."

I glared up at Deklin and sent him a suspicious look "What do you think you're doing Deklin?"

"Oh nothing," Deklin waved it off "Just conversing, you don't mind do you Ginger?"

It certainly wasn't nothing, what was he playing at? I had a chance to get myself a perfectly reasonable-if not more-boyfriend and he was stepping all over it.

Austin got back with the drinks and handed me one with a grin "Tropical punch, I hope you don't mind. It's one of my favourites-"

"Of course," Deklin snatched a cup off him and Austin blinked back, smiling confusedly as Deklin downed the cup.

"Deklin," I hissed furrowing my brows "Stop it."

"Stop what?" he looked back innocently at me and I rolled my eyes sending Austin an apologetic look.

"Excuse him Austin, he has no manners." I said primly, ignoring the snort coming from next to me.

"Oh no, no he isn't being-" again interruption.

"Excuse her Austin, she is ignorant." Deklin grinned and I glared at him, then he shrugged "I hope you want to know, but, she wants to jump you. Next time she gets you alone-" he cracked his fingers like I had earlier in the day but didn't add anything else.

"I'm sorry, Austin, I need to have a chat with Mr Charrings here." I grabbed Deklin's arm and started dragging him off until I reached the hallway which was left abandoned "What the hell do you think you're doing Deklin?"

"Just warning the guy," Deklin shrugged "You do tend to be a bit violent and demanding-"

"Warning the guy?" I repeated with a hiss "I am only violent because you make me violent you-you spaghetti brained ding-dong!!"

"Ding-dong?" he inquired looking vaguely amused.

"Shut up!" I ordered grabbing him by the collar and realising he had no collar to grab so I-flushing a little-grabbed his shoulders instead and started shaking him "You drive me insane, you know that? I could rant on about you all day you are that annoying you dip!"

"You're so inconsiderate and you never even think before doing things-"

He pulled out the green super ball he had in his pocket and started bouncing it on the wall and I was just so stunned I stopped doing what I was doing "See, and then you do something stupid so I can't even stay mad at you!"

He let the ball drop to the ground and he slammed his hands either side of me, pressing me up against the wall his lips crashing down on mine.

Then I kind of started kissing him back, my hands flying to his hair and we didn't even stop when Sophia came down the hall to go to the bathroom and tripped over her own feet in surprise "Sorry! I'll take the other way!" she ran back into the lounge.

He drew apart a little after that and I babbled to him "S-sorry, I messed up your hair."

"Can I do something?" I nodded but shot him a curious look "It's a little childish but-"

He leaned down his head near my stomach and pressed his lips to it-then he blew a raspberry.

I fell backwards Deklin catching before I hit the ground and I squirmed "Don't do that."


"I'm ticklish."

He got an evil look his eyes and pounced on me.

"Oh no you will not-"

But he did anyway.


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