Anesthesia Puts Me To Sleep

12:35 am

I heard the most ridiculous conversation today between a boy with curly red hair and a platinum blonde princess ( I know this is not true but as for first impressions that is what she seemed to be)

The boy with red hair-"No I don't believe that" (in which I might note a British accent I find this quite odd because we live in Montreal. )

Girl with shiny blonde hair-"Its true I tell you, I WAS being chased by a vicious golden retriever. The sign even said Beware of Golden Retriever."

Who even owns vicious Golden Retriever?!!!? That just seemed to strike me as peculiar . The only person I know who owns a Golden Retriever is the sweet Ms. Uhilile. Does that mean she owns the vicious Golden Retriever?!!! I never saw a sign that said vicious Golden Retriever when I was cleaning out that black hole of a garage of hers. I know she has several cats. The sign should say Vicious Cat Alert. One of her cats Snowball, tried to gouge my eyes when I was cleaning out her garage.

I received my schedule for the up coming school year. Im in all honors classes, like I am every year. Except for one new class my schedule is the same. In the place of my free period was the acronym PMS. Wait, that stands for Pre Menstrual Syndrome. So im going to be PMS'ing in 5th period. This is a problem. I shall contact the board.


Time to get to business.

Anesthesia Loparol

56 Hill University Lane

Dear Sir (or Madam)

I am a student at the prestigious Charmant High School. The status of the school has been tarnished with the new class of PMS. The class takes place of my free period. I intended to use that period for my studies. Reply with information on PMS. Please reply as soon as possible.

Yours Truly,



The deed is done. Now to call my buddy Akio. He joined the marching band with me last year.



I just finished my conversation with Akio. He told me his pen pal Bindy was having some tough times in Australia. School starts Wednesday and until then I can't find out what PMS actually is.

Note to self - remember to feed the fish Bob the special fish food both humans and fish can eat.

Tuesday (2:15)

Relaxation at last. I just finished baby sitting for the O'Connor's children. Mrs. O'Connor was kind enough to leave behind some mystery books. Later I went home to feed Bob the fish food. I popped one in my mouth. It is actually quite good. Like tangy chicken. I shall recommend this to Akio, he loves fish. Now I'm off to the spa for a dip in the mud bath.