My hair gets greasy when you touch it,
yours, it's just lucious.
When it's dampened by the shower,
you smell like autumn rain.
Almost like the time you admitted
you had been waiting for me to cry,
so that you could ease the pain.
My cheeks dampened from salty water,
you smeared in in some more.
Tears rub in like lotion, and
smell like grass after a storm.
Your chest against my back,
me breathing in your breath.
Your future before your eyes,
my past a distant time.
And every note, every lyrics that you
sing about me is a lie.
I'm so sorry I'm the woman you're
forced to love and wake up beside.
But we're just in love, and
the truth doesn't hide.
I never wait for your kisses now,
when I bleed it's crystal clear.
Because of what you put back into my veins
the nights my eyelids bled with tears.
I can see us growing old,
in my mind. Realistic dream years.
You're the one I want to fall asleep with.
The one that smells of the summer
down-pour's soft hiss.