A/N - this is my nanowrimo fic, which means it's unedited and well...un-everything. Just warning ya. Longer chapters will be upcoming, I've just been crazy busy. I would like to know if you like the plot, characters, or story, so drop a review if you feel thus inclined, thanks!

Warning: Slash, violence, drugs/alcohol, and iffy grammar.


And this is how it begins

I refused to do it. I was too good for it. Wasted talent, that's what I was.

I stood at the entrance of the dorm building, suitcases next to me. I watched as students ran around excitedly, without a care in the world. Ignorant civilian bastards. A group of teenagers bumped into me, and ran past without even sparing me a glance. I glared at them, my hand itching to strangle something. Preferably one of my new fellow freshmen.

I breathed out slowly, and grabbed my suitcases. I may have had to do this, but I didn't have to do it pleasantly. I was angry and the world would feel my wrath. On the second floor I got stuck behind a guy and his dad trying to push a mattress up five flights of stairs. They were laughing at their incompetence and doing that bonding crap all the while I ground my teeth. If they drooped the mattress one more time I would yank the thing from their grip and throw it out the window.

They didn't drop it again though, and I left them to their stupidity on the fifth floor. I made it to the sixth floor relatively calm, and proceeded to find my room. I stood outside a the door to my room staring at the number 531. I never liked the number 531.

This was ridiculous. There I was, a 26 year old top special ops agent, masquerading as a college freshman. It wasn't my fault I was the only one in the unit that could pull off the naïve college kid cover.

I sighed one last time and wiped the murderous scowl from my face, replacing it with a look of wide-eyed nervousness. I pushed open the door, and was greeted by six feet of 18 year old civilian.

"Hey, you must be Jude." He said smilingly, extending his hand. "I'm Brian Hayes. Your roommate."