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"Are you going to shoot me?" I ask, my voice weak, barely more than a whisper.

I realized even, in my near unconscious state, that this was a stupid question. He had a gun to my head after all.

He started laughing at my question. He had an ugly laugh, raspy and grating.

"I was thinking something a little more poetic, actually. Ya're gonna OD on some pure cocaine. "

I frowned at him. I was too tired to try to figure out what he was trying to say. His voice sounded distant and unimportant. I leaned my head back against the seat as I heard him rummaging around the car, the gun still trained on me. I vaguely noticed that I had stopped shivering. This was bad, I knew it was bad but I beyond caring. I just wanted to go to sleep. Not even the numbing cold could keep me awake. I felt my eyes begin to shutter close, but a hand on my arm jerked me awake.

Norm was pulling up the wet sleeve of my shirt. He had put down the gun, I noticed. It was sitting in his lap. I guess he had noticed I wasn't really going to go anywhere gun or no gun. I couldn't even pull my arm from his grip. He was muttering something angrily, a frown on his face. I caught sight of a long needle before my head fell back against the seat again. I didn't have the strength to keep it upright anymore. My mind was a calming blank as I shut my eyes. No more flashbacks or worries, just darkness.

I felt a stinging on my cheek as a sharp slap hit my face. I opened my eyes, angry at the sudden disruption of my peace.

"Wake up Julie. Ya'd better not die before I get to kill ya."

I screamed in pain as the needle was thrust brutally into my arm. The sudden pain seemed to wake me enough for me to realize what was going on. I looked down at my bloody arm to see the liquid quickly being injected into my body. It fueled my body with the strength to push Norm off long enough for me to get out of the car. The half empty needle was still hanging from my arm. I stumbled a few steps, but my legs were too weak to carry me very far and I collapsed in the side yard of a house.

I could hear Norm's cursing coming closer until he was on me.

"Where do ya think ya're going Julie. Can't run away anymore."

His hands closed around my neck, and I realized he had probably left his gun in the car. My vision was starting to blur and my concentration was wavering, whether from the cocaine or the lack of oxygen, I didn't know. Ignoring the urge to claw at the hands chocking me, I grabbed the needle attached to my arm. Without hesitation, I stabbed the back of Norm's neck. The grip on my neck instantly disappeared as he gurgled in shock. I went on autopilot, savagely pulling out the needle, only to ram it back in again and again. Once I was doubly sure he was dead, I dropped the bloody needle and just stared at his broken body.



The first thing that I noticed was the blinding headache I had.

The second thing I noticed was that I wasn't technically awake yet. My body felt as if it was made out of lead, and I couldn't open my eyes.

The third thing I noticed was that I wasn't alone.

There was somebody sitting on the bed beside to me. My bed. It was a man, his voice being the reason for my semi-conscious state. I listened as he talked. I assumed he was talking on a phone since I could only hear one side of the conversation.

"He left about half an hour ago."

"He should be there."

"Well, that's not my problem. I'm just letting you know he's down there, so don't blow anybody's brains out for the next few minutes."

"just don't fuck with him too much, I don't want him damaged."

"Don't put me hold, you asshole."

There was a few minutes of silence. I tried deciphering the conversation, failing miserably. Not only was I only vaguely awake, but this guy was being too vague. Who were they talking about? Who was this guy in bed, for that matter? Where was Jude? Wait…didn't Jude try to kill me? Damn, I just wanted to wake up so I could get the hell away from here.



"Well, what do we have here?"

I looked up from the bloody body, squinting at the harsh light from the flashlight. I could feel the blood pumping through my veins much too fast. I could hear the swoosh swoosh sound it made as it passed by my ears. It made it hard to concentrate on anything.

"Whoareyou?" My words came out slurred and mashed together. I frowned frustrated.

"You really are too cute." I heard the voice chuckle.

Jakob? Wait, wasn't Jakob the psychopathic murderer? This couldn't be good. I felt him slowly getting closer, and I knew I should run but the blood splatter pattern on my hands was distracting me. It kind of looked like an elephant with wings. DUMBO! No. Dumbo didn't have wings…

I let out a yelp as I felt Jakob's hand close around my waist and hoist me up. He half carried, half dragged me away from the body. I could see Norm's broken body slow fade into the dark. I started to cry. A soft sniffle at first, but within seconds I was all out bawling. I struggled against Jakob's grip. His grip tightened.

I was confused and scared and his grip was starting to hurt me. Norm was dead. I killed Norm. I killed a lot of other people. I was a bad person. Only bad people kill other people. Dumbo never killed anyone. But Dumbo was an elephant, not a person. Maybe if I could just become an elephant, I could be a good person again. Then Brian would like me. I shut my eyes tight and screamed as hard as I could. That way the magical elephant-turning fairies would hear me.

"You little fuck, shut the hell up!"

Jakob let go of me so fast, I tumbled down onto the floor. Just as I was recovering from the sudden fall, I felt a fist hit my already tender cheek. It hurt so much I stopped yelling. Tears were still flowing down my face, but they were silent tears now. I stared up at the Jakob silhouette in front of me, my bottom lip trembling with the effort not to scream in pain.

"Don't look at me like that, ok? Just sit there for a minute,"

The Jakob silhouette disappeared and I curled up on the ground, closing my eyes against the dark. I murmured a silent prayer to the elephant-turning fairies. Surely they would hear me it I prayed hard enough. I did my best not to get distracted by the pretty cockroach climbing up my arm.



The voice was back, and it didn't sound happy.


"Fuck! No, just send him back here. I'll take care of it."

"I can make it so he won't remember."

"Fine, just get rid of the body."

"I'll be in contact with you later."

As soon as the voice had stopped talking I felt myself falling back into unconsciousness. I'd figure out what the hell was going on later.

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