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A set of pricing blue eyes widen with terror, as they watched the carnage. They could see the fires from houses, dancing up to darken evening skies, the sounds of the sword's blades hitting and breaking. The painful screams of their people being murdered or even worst, being eaten right on the spot. Thus, was life of a common field mouse and there deadly Over Lords, the Cats.

She was shivering under a turned over cart as the screams sounded around her, her head buried under piles of rags shivering in terror, just knowing she would be next. Suddenly a paw grabbed her tail and dragged her out from under the cart with a loud evil cackle, the cat lifted her up by the tail and held her before his grinning face. "Now now, what do we have here, hmm, a bit young for fun, but perhaps not, till I eat you!" He chuckled evilly as she just balled up in terror, suddenly she heard a wet sound and was dropped to the ground, she just scuttled on all fours with her eyes closed and crashed into something furry and solid as iron, she looked up to see another feline, but this one was a true monster, double the size of the others at least.

His body was large for a feline, muscles bulging under fur that covered him, a sword larger then three of her people held easily in one massive paw, it was extended above her and gleamed silver a slow as blood ran along the underside from the tip back towards his paw, filling the deep blood groove in the edge, a single deep crimson drop fell and splashed between her shocked eyes as she looked back and saw the sword buried in the creature that had pulled her out from under the cart, it's body was split neatly from skull to belly, a look of terror frozen on the split skull as it slowly collapsed twitching in it's gore. She heard a dark chuckle from the demon that stood over her. "Your life is now mine, but your soul is yours, but the rest of your people, they will not survive this invasion." His voice was a playful chuckle, dripping with darkness and evil, power rippling through the purr. "But I can save them, for but the pretence of a single soul." He grinned down at the tiny mouse before him.

"What do you say, for the price of your soul, I will destroy all the invaders, your village will be safe from now on, and all you have to do is say yes." A single clawed finger raised her quivering chin to look him in the eye.

Her long light gray bangs hung down over those unearthly blue eyes, hiding her scared expression, perfectly. "B-B-But dear Over lord…what could I give you?" The young mousetress spoke. "Am too small to be a satisfying meal and to weak to be some form of labor." She spoke looking away fast, a nervous tick forming, running her arm up and down.

"Your soul will suffice my little one, and ten years from now, I will come to collect it, and its vessel." He purred with a grin. "Every moment you hesitate more of your people die." He chuckled, the battle ran all around them, but no one seemed to be able to see them.

"If…" She started to shutter, looking up slowly at those deadly feline blue eyes then turned away fast, scared to look at them at longer. "…If I agree will you make sure these others will leave us in peace. And leave the town as it once was?"

"Yes, I will even bind the souls back to their previous bodies and keep them alive long enough to heal. The invaders will be no more, and your town will be under my protection from this day on." He said casually

She had no idea if she could trust him, but he was the only hope her town had, if that meant she would be come his lunch then find she would have to do it. She gave a little squeak and nodded her head up and down.

Suddenly the screams and roar of battle flooded back, she hadn't even noticed it had been silenced. All around there was a sudden moment of silence as all saw the demon standing there in the middle of the town, a monster sword resting in his paw. There was a roar from the invaders as they thought one of their gods had come down to join them in battle, he just grinned and casually approached a group of the invaders they all cheered as he raised his sword, but before another sound could pass their mouth it slashed down, cutting through flesh and steel like a scythe through wheat, a crescent of blood and bile arched out coating a building beside him red. There was a squeal of fear from the feline troops as the sword fell upon them again sending another brace screaming to the next world. The mice villagers just watched stunned and terrified as the demon cut a swath through their attackers, even as they tried to run he strode after them with his massive pace, lifted several screaming on the tip of his sword. Soon there was silence as he walked back into the town.

All the mice, along with the little one who made that secret deal where just in shock and amazed that cat would do this to his own brothers in arm.

He walked back silently and went up to one dead body of a mouse woman, ripped open and bloody, his sword glowed blue and he plunged it into her torso, suddenly the dead woman screamed as her chest put itself back together, her scream went on far longer then should be possible till he pulled out his sword leaving no mark on her body and paying no attention to her as he did this again and again with body after body, all he needed was the smallest peace and he would force the soul back into it and heal the body of impossibly horrific wounds, tearing open burning buildings with his bare paws and pulling trapped mice out, healing all that had major wounds, finally he was done, all the fires out and the villagers gathered in the center of town. "It is done, I have fulfilled my part of the contract, I will protect the town now, but in ten years time, I will come for my prize." He said in that voice that snapped with power.

Their heads turned to the child mouse, as he pointed this sword to her; all took one huge step back and just stared at her. "What else could I do?" she said regretting it now holding back tears in her voice.

"You better treat my possession well." He warned. "I will be back every year to check on her welfare, and if I see anything but good and she doesn't look perfectly healthy..." He let that thought hang in the air. "So everything will be provided for her. If anything happens, even an accident, you will regret it. I will be there." He pointed to the forest down the hill from town and right in the center it began to grow dark, the trees became twisted and evil looking and the ground shook, a black crag of rock erupted from the ground in the middle of the dead forest, high above the village the tip of the crag began to crack, falling away to reveal a castle covered in spikes.

"Well then if she's so special to you…then…." One old mouse woman spoke, as she grabbed her by her light gray hair and trusted her into the cat's chest. "Just take her now!" Some of young mice, all gasped as she was standing up to one of there oppressors.

His massive paw wrapped around the old mouse woman's head and she began screaming, blue fire erupting between his fingers and a moment later her body feel away leaving her bare skull in his paw, the body was consumed by the blue fire leaving a wisp of flame that flew up and came to rest inside the skull. "That is your only warning." He said no longer his calm playful manor, his eyes glowed with power and energy crackled across his body. "Consider yourself blessed, I bring many of you back to life, safe you from invaders that would feed upon your flesh while you were still living, and all I ask in return is for one girl to be raised and treated well to adulthood. One girl sacrificed herself to save all of you, and you do nothing but spit upon her and try to get rid of her. I warn you, when she comes to me; she will be my minion and will hold your lives in her hands, so think upon how you treat her, as I am sure she will remember when the time comes." He growled darkly and took the skull in his palm, impaling it upon a hook on his belt to join others, glowing with the trapped soul of the old mouse.

He ran his paw along the now clean blade, cutting his paw lightly, he tipped back her head and held her mouth open, squeezing his fist above her head a large viscous drop forming and dripped down between her lips, it burned it's way down her throat making her vision swim and head pound. Taking his sword over to the fountain in the middle of town he buried it in its center, the tip sinking into the stone easily. "Let this be a reminder to you, raise my little one well and you will grow prosperous and have no fear of wars or villains, you will all be under my protection, as long as my little one is happy and healthy." He left these last words and gently placed his paw on her small head he smiled down at her with his first look of gentleness, but it was soon gone as he slid his eyes over the villagers again and left for his castle.

The young mousetress just stood there, her light gray hair billow, as she watch him walk off to his domain her hands close together in prey thinking 'God what have I done?'