10 years later...

Myuu jolted up in her bed. Images of that bloody, horrific day, years ago still plagued her dreams

And time was ticking fast, to the day when their Lord, her Lord would return once again, only this time not to watch from a far, but to claim her as his.

'His Prize'

'His Pet'

And so much more, she feared.

The little gray haired mouse started to play with her knotted, from sleep, locks.

Her little rodent heart, pounding faster then any creature of her size should, making her cheeks flush from lack of blood. All rushing to her brain.

Myuu wobbled back and forth, her vision blurring, quickly griping her chest and pulled her knees to her, lowing her head to her knees.

"Hmm...Why did I ever make a such deal...? I had moment of insanity..that must have been it"

She rubbled to herself, rolling her head back and forth, feeling utterly sick.

And wost part of it all was, she had no friends, to run to.

Clearly, who would dare befriend her?

A mousette that made a deal with a feline, even if he did save them. Still was one of their many opressers, their over Lord.

Myuu was just grateful, just a tad to Lord D, for putting fear of God into them. If he hadn't she had no idea where she would be at his moment?

In her nice cozy bed still?

Or in some back ally, blowing men in return for a hot a meal a place to sleep?

But this was common for her, to run though random thoughts.

During awakening.

Before her head hit the pillow.

So on...

Her mind never seem to stop, even when she sleeps, shes restless.

Myuu, busy caught up in her own self pity, couldn't hear sounds out of her loft window.

The Woots!

The Howls!

The Screams!

Of her people.

The only sound that caught her attention, snapping her out of her woos, was a loud and powerful primal growl. Suddenly with widen eyes, filled with a look of such fear, new worlds had to be invented.

"Dear gods..." She spoke breathless. "..He as come for me..."

Pulling the covers fully over her body, as if that could really safe her. He wasn't the boogie man, did Myuu possible thing a thin piece of fabric could keep her safe from that feline?

Well, what ever her thoughts maybe, there she was, shaking and bitting on her bottom black lip.

As she voice creaked out, to herself.

"No..No..No...Please...don't...let...him...T..T..Take me.."

Even she, not sure who she was pleading too.

But plead, she did.

She just kept hearing him, but he was no where near her. As the night dragged on and became day, the sounds still haunted her endlessly, telling her to go to the fountain in the town center. Her tears stained her cheeks as her body dragged her soul to it's end, her mind screaming to stop but she no longer owned her flesh or soul.

So her mind could do nothing but rial at her fate. All eyes were on her as she approached the fountain, the town huge around her as it was the only haven in the war ravaged lands, but no matter who came here for protection, they all quickly learned of the marked mouse girl who made a deal with a cat. No matter that it was for all of them, they still were blinded by hatred for the traitor.

But none dared raise a hand to her, the few foolish who tried burned the memory of why she was to be cared for into the minds of the others as they would die in horrible fashions, seemingly consumed from within by magic. Their flesh burning away even as they survived, or bugs eating their way out of the attackers, but no matter how it happened all that was left in the end was a pile of bones and a skull with a glowing ember of their forever trapped soul. These grim reminders would eventually rise and walk out of the city, a living wall of tormented souls marking tirelessly around the town, protecting all who made a home within their circle.

But now, all eyes were on the crying mousetress that stood shivering in the open courtyard, the entire populaces eyes upon her as they all knew what was coming. The street running directly into the dark forest was devoid of all life, expect the massive demon cat slowly walking towards town, grinning at his prize mousetress stood there waiting for him.

Myuu, slowly turned around.

Her hands in tight tearful grip to her chest, watching her soon to be master make his way down the path.

He was just how she remembered him, he might have been a demon, an immortal.

But even they age, though the many years.

But, no he was just same.

She shallowed, trying one more time to find mercy in the heartless-souls, she saved.

"Please..!!" she cried gripping some old men-mouse. "Don't let him take me, I beg for you...!"

He just looked at her, as if she was plague ridden, just gripped by her collar or present blouse, roughly thew her into ground.

Myuu looked up in utter shock. Had they forgotten so quickly?

He, the creature, the one who was right now heading down that path towards town. Had warn them all if they had laid a rough hand to her, he would end them.

And look, this elder mouse did just that. Right in plain sight, and right before Lord D's eyes.

Myuu, for the first time in her life, not understand why herself. Let out a dark chuckle, with determine eyes.

"It seem someone as a death wish"

They all backed away from the elder mouse and Myuu.



"Look her eyes!"

They all shouted.

For that quick moment, Myuu had a touch of something not pure in her eyes.

And they all saw that.

She arose, mouth a gap a tad her canines lightly visible.

"The devil feline his blood!"

Another shouted, pointing a pale talon finger. "He forced upon her, on this very stop, 10 years ago its finally taking root!"

However, Myuu's sudden change and deranged poser, quickly vanished as a quickly it came.

"Devil?...Blood...?...Demonic?..Possessed?" She mewled in softness of whispers.

"What happened!" She begun to scream. "What are you people failing to tell me!"

Getting a brain, she turned back to Lord D, her gray locks billow.


He just grinned widely at the little enraged mouse, showing no fear of him as she screamed in his face. "Seems you have come along nicely my little one." He cupped her chin in a vice like grip, turning her head this way and that as he examined her for something that only he could perceive. "Yes, very nicely." He slid his long taloned fingers away with a grin.

"So, how do you feel the villi age should fair? For how they have treated you over the years." He almost purred playfully as he could see the looks of terror on all those who had shunned her and spread vicious rumors of her over the years.

She once again, became weak timid.

Letting out a small moan, placing a paw to her cheek.

Her head spun, looking at the mouse that had tossed her to ground, and she did laid face first. It was still pounding, her cheek.

A tear drop or two begun to fall.

"I will take your silence as a condemnation of him. Is that alright?" He grinned wider, his sharp fangs gleaming in the morning sun as he looked down at the shaking old mouse, no pity could be seen for the one who dared to raise a hand against him. "Or should I simply wipe this town from the map, ingrates such as them deserve nothing less."

"No.." She muttered and shook her head. "Allow them to live..I don't want more blood split upon these lands."

"Very well, if you change your mind later, we can always come back for him then." He chuckled and strode over to the fountain, his sword still gleaming and untouched after all these years he easily drew it from the marble fountain.

"Come my pet, it is time to go home." He slid the blade back into it's sheath strapped to his leg and held out a large clawed paw for her.

Her eyes sadly closed, placing her paw shaking into his.

What else could she did?

She could run, but then she be running forever.

And if stayed, they would still loath her.

"Yes..." She chocked back tears.

She timidly reached up and took his paw. His long powerful fingers wrapping around her cooperatively tiny paw in a soft gentle grip as he helped her to her feet and began guiding her off towards her new home, in his domain.

As he walked her silently towards the castle a part of her felt relief, no matter what happened, she would finally be away from the stares and whispers that had haunted her for ten long years. She sighed and looked up at the castle, it was intimidating to say the least, but it was home now.

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