So I decided to redo this story because it just wasn't working with me before. The plot went off in an entirely different direction than what I wanted.

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I really did not want to go into that house. Mainly because I knew I was getting my hopes up when it would all come crashing down sooner or later. My social worker, Joanne, stood next to me with an impatient look on her face.

"Are you going in or what? I have a life too you know," she said with a dirty look in my direction.

I didn't even bother with a reply. What the fuck do you say to that? Gee, I'm only meeting my father for the first time in seventeen years…a little support please? After she sighed for the millionth time I finally gave in.

"Leave. I can do this on my own." I wasn't about to take any more of this "have pity on the orphan" shit.

"Damnit Arley. This is my fucking job, so can you have some sympathy on me please? I have to deal with delinquents all day and I could really do without your shit right now."

I turned to her, ready to kill her with my words when the front door opened.

A middle aged man stepped out on the porch with a pissed off expression. It made me want to laugh. The wrinkles in the middle of his brows formed a butt crack.

"You must be Arley," he said with a slight nod in my direction. I just stared back.

"You can leave now, since my daughter seems to be such an inconvenience for you," the middle aged man faced Joanna now, staring her down.

The best part was that Joanna didn't even put up a fight. She just walked off to her car without so much as a fuck you. Amen! The Gods are on my side. The middle aged man waved me over inside the house, and I gladly obliged, willing to do anything to get out of the cold.

"You looked pretty indecisive out there. Waiting for the opportunity to run?" the stranger looked at me now.

I narrowed my eyes and replied, "Something like that…"

"I'm Steven. You're father in case you didn't know. You look nothing like me though, not that it's a bad thing. I was hoping you would be ugly so I wouldn't need to worry so much. But of course, I get stuck with the pretty child."

"Sorry to disappoint, but don't worry…I can handle myself," I replied in my calm, collected voice.

"Well your room is upstairs and down the hall. I don't feel like going through all the family history right now so please spare the questions."

"Wow. So you get stuck with the pretty child and I get stuck with a dickhead father," it wasn't a question.

"Exactly," he replied like that was the secret to eternal life.

I didn't feel like making small talk, so I walked up the stairs and down the hall to the end room. I opened it and literally had to pick my mouth up off the floor. It was huge. I was used to sleeping on the floor of some strange place, this was heaven.

I unpacked everything and placed it throughout the room. I needed to get new clothes if I was going to actually live normally, but having no money is always a big problem. So, that left me with two options: either go downstairs and ask that…dumbass for money (which I would never do) or suffer through it. I didn't really have to choose because when I walked down the stairs, I was greeted by a group of boys.

They all looked at me expectantly so I walked into the living room, took one look at them, and walked right out again.

Most people would classify me as an angry person; truth is…I just don't care. I only have one year of schooling left and then I'm home free to do whatever I want.

I walked into the kitchen, grabbed an apple off the counter and was about to make my exit when my father gag decided to make an appearance. "Do you need anything for school?" he asked me.

I grunted. The less I said to this man, the better. I wouldn't even be in the situation if it wasn't for him contacting CPS and asking about me. Apparently he thought that he could appear in my life after 17 years of absence, and everything would be dandy.

"I'll take that as a yes. Avery and Alex will take you." I stopped mid chew and stared at him blankly.

"Who?" I asked him swallowing a bite of apple.

"Your brothers." He told me and I nearly choked. Brothers?!?!

Steven sighed as if I was entirely incompetent. "We can talk about this later." I nodded and walked back into the living room to get a good look at my 'brothers.' There were four guys sitting in the living room watching football. They all looked about my age and were all equally okay looking. None of them were my type.

They looked in my direction and Steven came up behind me. I instantly moved a step away from him, refusing to be anywhere near his vicinity.

"Alex. Avery. This is Arley." They both narrowed their eyes at me, and replied in a bored manner.


Jesus, they looked like they hated me just as much as I hated them. Well, what was their excuse? One was blonder than the other, but both looked similar in features. Fraternal twins.

I didn't reply or nod back. I looked at the other two boys in the room and was instantly drawn into one of the boy's gazes. He had a gentle face with high cheekbones. His hair was bleached blonde and he had a silver hoop through his lower lip. He smiled and before I could stop myself, I smiled back. My smile wasn't nearly as big as his, but it was there.

He had that kindness that made me want to like him. Maybe he won't be so bad? I glanced away from him to zone in on the other boy. Tall, muscular, tan. He looked Mexican, or Native American and was definitely nice to look at.

Steven broke the silence before I could finish my thorough once-over.

"You all take Arley shopping. I probably won't be home when you get back." With that he left the room. I didn't comment on the fact, that oh yeah…I was broke. We all stared at each other in silence until the boy with the gentle voice commented.

"I'm Jackson," he said. I nodded at him.

The Mexican/Native American boy looked me over before smirking slightly. "Gabe."

I narrowed my eyes at him. I hope he didn't think that him checking me out was subtle, because trust me, it wasn't.

"Let's just go," one of the twins said. They all walked out of the door and I was going to follow them when Jackson pulled on my arm.

"They don't trust you. Don't take it too personally." And then he broke out in a smile that was most definitely contagious. I smiled back, a nice smile this time.

Malls, in general, are extremely unpleasant. Crying babies, hormonal women, guys buying sex toys for their hormonal women. Oh the joys of childbirth. Not to mention that children are even worse when they get older. Babies…eh I could handle that. Preteens…sure. Teenagers? Hell to the no.

I've had a few friends in my blah, dreary life. One of them would be Lyse, my German comrade of 2 years. Probably one of the most eccentric people I have ever met. She also uses terms like liebling or mein liebe when comforting someone. On the flip side, she also uses blurte coo, a personal favorite of mine, to offend someone. I mean, calling a person a stupid cow is so much more fun in a different language.

Anyway, while Lyse is my rock, she is also very religious and logical. Our other friend Ibbie, is on a whole different spectrum. She once told us that her name was Spanish for something to do with God and she swore up and down that she was to be known as Ibs or whatever else someone could come up with.

While Lyse is fair skinned and blonde, Ibs is dark with sleek black hair. Lyse is very tall, capable of playing volleyball but choosing to study. Ibs is just as tall, with a muscular build that would make anyone wary of messing with her.

Both girls were my life in my old school, and they still are. I just….never told them I moved.

Escaping from that reverie, I focused on the task at hand. I was currently seated between Jackson and Gabe, which I did not mind. They asked me the usual, conversational questions…but the tension in the front of the car was noticeable.

Alright. So my brothers hated me, big deal. Didn't I hate them too?

"Do you play any sports Arley?" Jackson asked me. He really was rather handsome, they all were. He just had a charm about him that made me interested in knowing more, which was more than unusual.

"I play basketball and I do gymnastics." I told him. I did many more, but those were my favorites.

"Basketball huh. You any good?" Gabe commented. Avery and Alex sitting in the front visibly perked up.

"I'm alright." That was an understatement. I've played basketball my entire life, but only two years ago did I start playing on a team. My last year I made captain as a junior, which was extremely rare. Naturally, many girls hated me for it, but many also respected me.

That settled the conversation. I could tell that Jackson wanted to say more, but held back. I guess I would find out eventually.

So we got to the mall, which was exactly like how I pictured it. I counted three screaming babies, too many hormonal women and I stayed clear of Victoria's Secret in case there actually were men buying gifts for their wives.

The boys headed for Champs and I walked in with them. Their basketball shorts were on sale, but lord knows I didn't need them. A whole drawer of mine was dedicated to basketball shorts.

Shopping with them was awkward. Anytime I ran into Avery or Alex, they would turn around and pretend to look at something else, as if they didn't want to be seen talking to me.

I knew that I didn't want to get to know anyone here. I just wanted to study hard, get into college, and leave. But I never counted on people not wanting to get to know me. I wasn't ugly, but I wasn't drop dead gorgeous either. I was fit from basketball, but I wasn't a stick. My love life back at Central High was active and I never thought that I, Arley Falen, would be ignored.

I guess California would just have to grow on me. Coming from nowhere, Oklahoma…that was saying something.

We were now in Abercrombie & Fitch, looking for clothes to wear. I never shopped in places like these; I mean 30-40 bucks for a damn shirt? Please. So I perused through the clothes and found absolutely nothing that I remotely liked.

I guess Gabe got a bit fed up with my dislike and grabbed a bunch of outfits, took my arm, and threw me in a dressing room. Laughter came from outside and I tried to unlock the door, but Gabe was leaning on it from outside.

"Change please. Your dad wanted you to get clothes, and your brothers would rather puke than help you. So you got me and Jackson. Change. Now."

I still didn't move a muscle. My vow of silence stood strong, until Gabe told me that if I didn't change right now, he would come in and dress me himself. That certainly got me into motion.

The problem was that Gabe chose skimpy shirts and barely there shorts. Not that I minded, but the September weather was getting colder and I knew that these outfits would not prevent me from going through hypothermia. I didn't complain though…again, I was a rock when it came to my vow of silence. These people could not break me!

"Come out and show me sweets," Gabe said. Sweets? Um no thanks.

Eventually I opened up the door and slowly crept into view. Gabe and Jackson were sitting on plush chairs, being ogled by many shoppers. Avery and Alex stood silently in the background, trying to look casual.

Gabe smirked till no end when he saw me. Dressed in a red, lacy camisole, and shorts that would make Jessica Simpson proud, I felt uncomfortable. The shorts kept riding up which was more than a little bothersome. The boys in the store seemed okay with it though, and continued to blatantly stare.

"Well?" I asked after the silence stretched on long enough.

"You're buying them." Jackson stated. Well thank you for giving me a say in the matter.

By the time we went home, I was carrying three bags, stuffed to the tops. Avery paid for everything on his credit card (daddy's wealth comes in handy) and I was feeling more than uncomfortable. It was a big adjustment from dirt poor to wealthy and I wasn't taking the change well. But I still had a vow of silence to uphold and by god I would.

School started in a week and I had no idea about what to do till then. Good thing there was a basketball hoop in the driveway. If it came to it, I could spend my life outside.

Steven wasn't home when we got back and the boys didn't leave either. Parts of me knew that I should be the willing damsel in this situation and try to make nice with the devil's spawn, but my pride held me back. On the same note, I didn't want to get sent back to foster care either. I mean, now that I have experienced luxury, it was kind of growing on me.

But again, I was a very proud person. Therefore, upon entering the house, I strode straight up to my room to hang up my clothes. Instead, I threw them on the bed and walked over to my stereo system (muchos gracias Steven). I put my favorite CD in and the Hanson brothers greeted my ears with This Time Around. Those boys may have had hair like girls, but damn it if that didn't stop me from having highly erotic dreams about them.

I picked up my clothes and hung them up, secretly enjoying the comfort of it. I was used to having a few outfits a year and this…well, I could definitely get used to it. I only emerged from my room once to go to the bathroom. I could hear the guys arguing over something downstairs but I didn't really care.

So what did I do? I got on the desktop computer that Steven bought for me before I moved in and logged on to a SAT prep test. Lyse was always reminding me of the fact that learning came to me like breathing. I really didn't need to study for anything, my brain just remembered everything. But I studied anyway, convinced that a scholarship was my only way of getting anywhere in life. That wasn't the case now, with a loaded father, but I wasn't going to rely on him.

It may seem really harsh that I am bagging on my old man when he is being so nice to me. The thing is, he left me. He left me and my mom and soon after, she left too. I guess I wasn't important enough to stick around for, but whatever. Thinking of shit like that always got me in a bad mood, and my attitude was a problem already.

I heard a car pull up outside and I peered out the window. Shock ran through me. Sitting outside, was my baby. Quite literally.

Two years ago, one of my nicer foster fathers, got me hooked on cars. I loved everything about them and I loved the whole process of them. The fact that one thing led to another that led to another…it was all fascinating.

Anyway, my foster father and I decided to build a car. We built a mustang from scratch, a Shelby. It was a bitch to get the parts though, but the outcome was worth it. She was cherry red when we finished her and I named her Laverne.

My foster father gave her to me, but when I went to another foster home, they made me sell it. Total injustice. So off Laverne went, never to see the likes of me again.

But there she was. Right out in my front yard. I couldn't be sure that it was her until I saw the dashboard and the front grill, but I knew that they would be familiar. I just knew. So it was with a hopeful heart that I went downstairs to see the owner of my baby.

I walked into the living room and saw a new edition to the Breakfast Club. Tall, lean…generally hunky. He was talking to Avery, but when I entered his eyes snapped to me. Then they narrowed.

Apparently, he was just another name to add to the I hate Arley list.

My defenses went up. How dare he hate me? He knows nothing about me. The staring match continued for quite some time before someone cleared their throat.

"Tanner, this is Arley. Arley, Tanner." Jackson said nervously. He tried to play it off but his hands were clutching his jeans tightly. I nodded and went back to glaring at him.

He smirked. "Oh, I've heard loads about you." His words held more meaning and I knew it. Was he my brothers' bitch, where they went to crying about all their problems?

I shrugged it off. "I haven't heard much about you. Guess you're not that important huh?"

If I was hoping for an outburst, he sorely disappointed me. If anything, his smirk deepened. Gabe chuckled a little and then turned to me. "Oh he's important alright. At least that's what all the girls keep saying. I don't know why they would choose him over me…but whatever. I'm not bitter."

I smiled a little at his comment. Girls chasing Tanner? I could believe it. He was easy on the eyes. He was tall, like all the others. A little over six feet maybe. His skin was tanned but I was too far away to see the color of his eyes. His brown hair wasn't too long it looked very well taken care of.

He obviously knew how hot he was too. Bastard.

I felt like maybe I should offer a peace offering, so I subtly asked him about his car. "Nice car. Where did you get it?"

"My dad got it for me." He stated. He didn't give me details though.

I walked into the kitchen because I didn't want everyone looking at me, but I wanted to be close enough to eavesdrop on their conversation. I sat down on the kitchen stool and looked through the newspaper trying to look nonchalant.

I was engrossed in an article when I heard Avery call out something. "Eh Reed, lets go get some pizza." Tanner mumbled a reply and I heard the door close soon after.

Reed. It sounded familiar, but I couldn't quite place it. He wasn't an ex boyfriend though, I would know that.

Oh well, it would hit me later on. With that, I marched up to my room to do some myspacing. Naturally.

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