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"The winner gets to have the loser for two months." He calmly explained.

"And by 'have'...you mean what, exactly?" I asked him, every bit of my voice displaying my mood. Incredulity.

"The person has to do whatever the winner says. Anything." He finished this thought with a raise of both eyebrows. Gee, I wonder what he is thinking? Pervert.

He stepped a little closer to me, invading my personal bubble. He certainly did smell good and his hair framed his face in the perfect way. Maybe that's what lead me to do what I did next.


See, I should have thought this through. It didn't occur to me that maybe, just maybe, I should name a few exceptions of this deal; like, gee I don't know...no touching/kissing/fondling (Is it just me, or does that word give you the creeps?)

He let me have the ball first, and I took every opportunity I had to tire him out. Where he was big, I was fast. After scoring two baskets and Tanner scoring none...I started to think that he was letting me win.

"Please tell me you aren't going easy on me." I told him breathlessly.

He smirked but didn't say anything. Then he stepped away from me and shot a three pointer bringing his score even closer to mine.

We played for a long time, and somewhere in between there, Tanner lost his shirt. I'd be lying if I said that he wasn't a distraction. His firm, toned abs were enough to make me salivate.

Which is probably why, after two hours, I lost.

"How could I lose?" I repeated to myself for the hundredth time. I was in my room, contemplating on exactly where I went wrong.

I shouldn't have let him get passed me; if only I moved faster. He should not have scored those last points.

I stared at the basket, letting my loss sink into me. 'This cannot be happening. I never lose.' My breathing was slowing and when the adrenaline of the game wore off, the effects hit me...hard. And boy was I pissed.

"Well look at that," He drawled from behind me, "I guess you underestimated me Arley; or...you overestimated yourself." I didn't even need to look behind me, to know that he was smirking; the shadow of a smile on his face. Fucker.

Although I was angry and pretty embarrassed that I lost, never would I admit that I overestimated myself, especially to Mr. Popularity. But inside, I knew that I did. Basketball was something I was always good at, I never imagined anyone being better than I was.

I replayed those events over and over in my mind while I paced frantically in my room. 'He didn't even say what he wanted! He just walked off.' I thought to myself.

What if he makes me be his sex slave or something? Or worse, what if he lets others know that I'm his sex slave? I let my mind wander for another hour before I nestled into my bed. As much as I wanted to analyze every part of this disastrous night, my eyes could barely stay open. So I fell asleep, praying that this was all just a very bad dream.

No such luck. This was indeed not a dream, and I was reminded of it when I walked into the school gym, and saw Tanner and the rest of the Breakfast Club, resting on the bleachers with their constant groupies surrounding them. None of them saw me enter, and I walked over to the locker room, ready to change.

The sight that greeted me was enough to make any male drool; it successfully made me sick. Girls stood around leaning on the locker doors, dressed in...well barely nothing. They had small spandex shorts and even smaller tops that gave little to the imagination. What happened to P.E where girls actually...(what's the word I'm looking for?) Oh yes, participated? Not just stood by and oggled at the boys.

I walked through the room to the very back and quickly changed into a pair of old cheerleading shorts, which were usually used to put over my gymnastics leotard, and an Eagles football t-shirt.

I then escaped that room as quick as possible but in my hurry, I opened the door and stumbled into another person. I immediately backed up and began to apologize, but the person interrupted me.

"Watch where you're going," she said snottily and then shoved me aside and tried to enter the room but not before I heard the rest of her sentence, "Bitch."

Normally I don't mind being called a bitch, because I am, but the way this girl said it made it seem like I was less than her. Like she was doing me a favor by putting me in my place.

"Excuse me," I said before I could stop myself. She stopped pushing open the door and turned around to look at me. The few onlookers by us turned and stared silently, and the rest of the class did the same. It was silent when she replied.

"What?" She slanted her eyes and glared at me, which made her look comical, instead of the intended hatred I'm sure she was trying to radiate.

I smiled sweetly before replying. "Honey, you aren't nearly pretty enough to be calling me names." This came as a shock to many people, I'm sure, but really...she wasn't that pretty. In California standards, she probably passed, but in Oklahoma, full of Southern belles and real beauty, she didn't size up at all.

Her face flamed up into a bright pink that was not at all endearing on her. She took a few steps forward, attempting to look menacing, and raised her voice a few notches...probably trying to gain attention. "Do you know who you are talking to?" She screeched into my face.

I kept my cool facade in place, but inside I was dying of laughter. Spending the majority of my time around Ibbie showed me real intimidation; and this just didn't make the cut.

"Of course I know who I'm talking to." I told her confidently.

She seemed confused but replied nonetheless, "And who is that?"

I smiled at her sheer stupidity for not realizing that I was about to slander her name. She fell into this one. "I'm talking to a dumb slut, that's who I'm talking to. Are your knees chalky from kneeling so much? Tell me," I leaned in as if I were about to whisper, but I kept my same volume, "how many boys in here have you blown?"

A few people gasped and the rest laughed, some more loudly than others.

Her face got even redder before her volume reached an all time high, "How dare you talk to me like that! You don't know me!"

I nodded in understanding, "Funny...you don't know me but you had no problem calling me names did you?" I backed up before turning completely around and walking off, leaving her standing there. It wasn't long before her clique rushed to the rescue, though.

I strolled over to Alex, ignoring everyone's gawking faces and the fact that I was walking straight over to Avery too. I sat down next to Gabe and he slung an arm over my shoulders, then continued on with telling the boys a very animated story.

I listened intently but made a note to myself about Gabe; he didn't direct anymore attention to me than necessary and I was thankful for that. I knew that Jackson and Alex were dying to ask me questions about what I just did, or give me a slap on the back...but Gabe plowed right into a story to shut them up.

I would have to keep him around.

"And then she asked for my number, and what could I do guys? She was fuh-reaking hot," Gabe prattled on continuously. He had been at it for the past 20 minutes straight and made me wonder when he breathed during his run on sentences. I mean, he must not get enough oxygen...which would explain his awful vocabulary. Fuh-reaking? Wtf?

During my musings, I failed to notice that the room got very quiet all of a sudden and after a while it seemed that everyone noticed...except Gabe.

"So I put her number in my phone and go to take a picture of her right...and she lifts up her shirt! All the way guys- Dude, why are you shaking your head at me? What's wrong?" He continued on, turning to Jackson and addressing him. The teacher, a big, burly man that could snap me like a twig, strolled up behind us and crossed his arms on his chest. I kept my eyes on him and noticed that he did not take his eyes from the back of Gabe's head.

I felt it was my duty to inform him so as he took a breath to start another sentence, I nudged him.

"What Arley? Why the hell are you nudging me? Why are you smiling like that? You should stop, you look like a pedophile." After his last remark, I rolled my eyes and gave up entirely. The other boys could clue him in but when I looked at them they remained quiet and each had a satisfied smile on their faces.

"Anyway, as I was saying...She lifted up her shirt and her tits were just there. I was too shocked to take a picture," he chuckled and slapped his knee but stopped once he realized no one was following his lead.

"Gabriel." The teacher yelled in a booming voice and my hands instinctively rose to cover my precious ears. Gabe jumped a foot in the air and turned around to smile awkwardly at the intimidating man in front of him.

"Why hello Mr. Fielding, how lovely it is to see you today," Gabe started in a cheery voice while scratching the back of his head, "Have I told you how great you look? That blue shirt really brings out your complexion don't you think?"

Mr. Fieldman narrowed his eyes. "Honestly Daniels, I don't give a flying fuck if my shirt brings my goddamn complexion out. I also don't care if you some chick flashed you her tits, cuz' Lord knows you don't see enough of those. Gym time is my time. So shut the hell up." Gabe nodded profusely and I had a hard time containing my chuckles.

Mr. Fieldman had us divide into two teams; I had Gabe, Avery, and Tanner on my team while the rest of the boys played on the opposite team. Alex wished me luck before he walked to the other side of the court.

"Alright everyone, we will be playing dodgeball." Everyone let out a groan, "Yeah yeah, I don't wanna hear it. There are five balls, play fair. Yes, they are basketballs. No crying," he sent a pointed look toward the cluster of girls on the other team and I recognized one of them as the girl who called me out earlier. Boy, did she look pissed.

When the whistle rang out, everyone ran forward for a ball, but Avery and I stayed behind. He stayed as far away from me as possible and I was perfectly content with that; I was tired of trying to get him to accept me.

I moved quickly to the right to dodge Jackson's oncoming ball and then sent a scowl his way. Her smiled innocently. The game plan for both teams was to take out the weakest players, and that universally meant the girls, but I was never one to give up that easily. If I couldn't be the best at basketball (thanks Tanner) then I damn well could try to be the best girl at dodgeball.

Jackson aimed another ball at one of my teammates and I took the opportunity to grab a ball and throw it at him while he was distracted. It hit him in the shoulder and he looked down with a cute little frown on his face. He then turned to me and pouted, then walked off to sit on the bleachers. Gabe was busy chuckling and didn't pay attention to the oncoming ball that bounced off his stomach and landed on the floor. He shrugged carelessly and went to sit next to Jackson.

The cluster of girls kept me from getting to the one that I really wanted, so I took each of them out slowly. Avery got Alex out after a few failed attempts, and then a big opposing player managed to hit Tanner. 'Looks like he isn't good at everything.'

Before long, I managed to hit the girl who pushed me and she walked off the court muttered curse words to herself.

It took me a second to realize that it was Avery and I against two of the biggest guys I had ever seen, and that's saying something. The big guys took a look at who was left and when their eyes roamed over Avery, they scowled, 'Well I guess not everyone likes golden boy.' When their eyes reached me they smiled triumphantly.

I could just imagine the thoughts swimming in their mind, and they all came to the same conclusion.

I was toast.

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