Chapter One:More Than A Trio

A thunderstorm raged outside. I looked down at my lighting bolt necklace which glowed every time lightning


The sound of knocking disturbed the peace of the ongoing thunderstorm. Nerio came in through the door.

"We must go, the gods, they want us on Mount Olympus."Nerio panted.

"For what."I said. What could he possibly want?

"They did not say. Lieke , Hermes daughter, just told us to go to Olympus. We have to fetch Damien."

Nerio and I found Damien waiting by the door with his usual angsty self.

Nerio summoned two pegasi and took out the chariot which sat in the garage. He took reins and stared at Damien

and me, beckoning us to come join him.

"Gosh your such a baby, Damien" I said taunting him

"No, I am not." Damien retorted

Nerio pulled on the reins and we went into the clouds. Above the clouds the night was calm. The night air cooled

my face.

The magnificent kingdom of the Gods towered above us. Nerio banked the pegasi. Soon after, The Graces

ushered in. " Our father is in great stress, Persephone has been taken!!!" Thalia said. They were usually very

happy, but today her eyes shone with worry.

Her sisters Aglaia, and Euphrosyne looked like they shared the same feeling.

"What do you think we can do about it?" Damien said in a snide tone. The Graces' gaze landed on Nerio,Damien, and I.

"You can do more than any god."