Chapter 2:The Court Of Gods

The Graces' led us to the court where 7 people sat around a large table.

"You had to take her!!!" A blonde hair man roared. A voice came across the room.

"You shouldn't assume father, it is very illogical. " sighed a woman writing ferociously on a clipboard, while chewing on the frames of her glasses.

"I did not take her." interjected a muscular man who was playing with a motorcycle key-chain.

"People calm down, enough stress has been caused already" said a man with short His head turned to me. "Ah!! He sighed. "Zeus your daughter is here." The blonde haired man's gaze rested on my face.

"Hmm, it's you Elysia. My you've grown" Zeus said in wonder. "We need volunteers to search for Perseph-..." The woman with glasses shouted

"Hades!!" Everybody looked at her with wide eyes.

" I'm not insane, I mean he's the only one not here, so he makes a good candidate for taking Persephone." She stated

"Good idea daughter. As I was saying I need volunteers to aide in the search for Persephone" A huddle of the less grand gods formed. In about of 10 minutes of contemplating they reached an answer. They all answered in unison.

"We will volunteer our children."

Just then a line of 4 children about my age(12) came in through a door, name tags adorned on their chests.

They each stood in front of a god which I assumed would be their parent. I can't identify the gods, this might be a troublesome problem. Zeus started talking. "Elysia you looked confused. Is there a problem?"

"I-I don't know who these people." I stammered

"Well, let me introduce you. First we have Athena and her daughter" He pointed to the woman with glasses. I didn't notice this before, but she was wearing a power suit and so was her daughter Sophronia.

He continued "Then we have Hermes" Zeus pointed to a man with curly brown hair and emerald green eyes. He wore a baseball cap with MPS on the front , a messenger bag ,and a track suit on. Lieke also wore the same attire.

"Next we have Hephaestus" He was in a wheelchair and wore a heavy sweater. His son, Ajax, was better looking and was in a wheelchair. Zeus was about to introduce someone else, but got sidetracked and told all the children to go to the other room. I saw someone who looked vaguely familiar.

"Are you Charisma from Helena Middle School?" I questioned.

"Yes I am, what do you want?" She grunted.

"You go to my school."

"Your Elysia? If so, your like a legend here" Charisma said in disbelief.

"So who's your parent?


She pointed to a tanned muscular man with shaggy black hair dressed in jeans, a leather jacket ,boots, and dark sunglasses. She looked like him, except she wore a black motorcycle T-shirt, jeans, and black high-tops.

"Is your dad a part of some godly motorcycling cult?"

"No, although he does own a motorcycle. He likes the aura it gives that I mean that it makes him look tough.

"What we going to do, with Hades as a suspect?" Ajax questioned. It got quiet, like noise left the building. Zeus's voice echoed throughout the room.

Charisma whispered"What did he say?"

"He said we will start our search tomorrow."