this quietness I wish was fading,
feeling so completely alone…
shadows of life have vanished…
nothing is going right at all.

my hands are sinking lower,
losing lights that I had seen
where are you now?
can't you see me here?

through the window,
clouds are rolling closer…
the sky is falling darker,
even with my house lights on
this place feels so gray,
this place feels so empty,
so alone…


all that is consuming my air,
is this silence, no,
no noise to have to drown out,
where's the giggles?
where's the screams?
at least then there's someone around…

the thing I usually cherish
is tearing me apart
imagining the future this,
from no one else's fault but my own…

where are all the dog's loud barks?
where is the television's roars?
taking back my complaints through tears,
just wishing someone was here.


you found me here alone, god
i know that you're not happy
change me, renew me, give me a miracle
i know i am nothing good.

sitting here trying to remember,
why I fell this time…
where'd I lose my footing?
when did I not pass your test?

alone here, so alone here
the party's memory is leaving a scar…
of happy little girls and parents,
of a life that i once lived...
to now the remnants of what was…

someone please come back,
((save me from myself.))