oh sweet perfection,
my love for you is baking
the scent of your final product
is oh, so alluring to me

the wind is taunting me with your scent,
my sweet tooth is aching for more of you…
trying to get closer, searching all around
to find the root of who you are.

oh sweet perfection,
you are the honey of my lips
my body thirsts so much for you,
but you only make me sick…

my fingers sticky; it's not coming off,
you're stuck to me like glue,
eating up my insides, but my face doesn't know,
how much every fiber of you truly hurts…

oh sweet perfection,
these calories are killing me, decaying me
while my body is still longing for you,
your sugar, your scent…

wondering why I love you so much,
when you are only adding so much more weight to me,
more burdens to bare, and reasons to cry
why your smell still lingers in my oxygen…

oh sweet perfection you're my addiction,
my consumer, my oppressor
a sweet love I cannot handle,
you're placing chains upon my wrists…