#1 unattainable of the day: "Excuse me," (he said) smooth and not even a clear look in the eyes. Just a blur of something older, and probably deceptive, too, because that's what yearning does.

#2 unattainable of the day: wispy and black, resembling Lucy Liu but translated into off-screen glamour, wound up in J. Crew sweaters. Heart-shaped face with a gentle slope, soft glimmer eyes like the ones I'll never have.

#3 unattainable of the day: small and crystalline, little C's, embedded in the silver-shell ears. Mine are still "virgin," no punctures.

#4 unattainable of the day: long, long legs for miles.

haha, inspiration from a trip to south coast plaza. I think this is going to be a series I update sporadically, because you know how wistfulness hits.