It was chance and simple, sad coincidence; not some heart-string of destiny plucked by a fateful finger. Just another meaningless moment to the other party, but everything to your maddening world. You wonder if he'll ever remember, and know the answer before it has left your mind.

You think, if you had the world around your finger – you could pull back time and rewind that single instant and look him in the eye this time. Maybe then it would be something concrete, not so much this blurry perfection you find yourself dreaming hopelessly after (building up the castle in sand to bring it crashing down from the clouds). Then it could be something, like a pebble, that you could drop into a stream and never think of again.

But no, there are ripples. Every moment has a consequence, and this one plays heavily on your mind, replays over and over. It's sad and you mourn it, because you know it's impossible and stupid beyond the average fairytale. It's impossible, so why sit on a broken egg?

The goose was always dumb.

Extremely old drabble I found on my computer...figure I'd upload if for kicks. It's funny that I still remember the context of this moment.