The carotid artery of society is swelling shut
Inflamed by willful ignorance of reality
And a burning desire to hide from the truth around us
Lies hidden behind lies
Protected by belief systems,
Intricately woven webs of absurdity,
Which we dare not discriminate against
Lest we offend fools as they prance thoughtlessly through life

Children are being raised in the shadow of our "culture"
The looming, hungry giant in the room

Our idols wear three hundred dollar brand-name sunglasses
As large and ungainly as their egos
Ironic, I feel,
Considering the blindness behind the lenses
Eyes long since clouded and opaque with arrogance or ignorance
Yet, we still paint them gold and shower them with flowers

This is the legacy left for future generations
These are the ashes of the greatest generation
Being shoveled into our throats

Children throwing tantrums
Screaming, wailing, public humiliation
Over what?
Hollow indulgences
Entitlement has been baked into their bones
And we stand by, the doctrine of toleration restrains us

I look around me
And I see glazed, apathetic eyes
Even those trying to set themselves apart
Fall victim to mindless me'tooisms
And are swallowed up by the almighty dollar
Or the greedy maw of subcultural conformity

It's never important enough to stand up
Never worthwhile enough to say the right thing
Never worth the time and effort to help
And when it is
Emotion overtakes reason
And we have shouting matches between emotional marionettes
Mindless, hollow shells of feeling screaming at one another
And rationality, reason, and compassion are crucified

This is the world I see everyday,
The world that stares back at me through the window pane.