Do I know what makes me act this way?
No, I do not know
My confidence my heart does betray
for I can barely muster a "Hello."

Am I crazy to think I'm the only one
who has ever felt such care?
Yes, it's true, I've come undone
while caught up in this strange affair

And often I'm left wondering
Is there anything I wouldn't do?
I feel that you would do the same, for
you brighten me when I'm the deepest blue

And do you do these things you do
because you know they make my heart sing?
I so wish I could reciprocate, because,
to see you sad is so disheartening

And as I arrive at the end of these words
I cannot help but to question
Would you be happy to hear, or even listen
if I gave just one little suggestion?

Don't ask, "Why does she feel this for me?"
But all things above
Be confident that I'm being truthful
when I say that this feeling is love