I once knew an electric girl

Who could survive the electric chair

Each footstep down the black death row

Sent shivers everywhere.

She carried not a gun, not a whip nor knife

And had eyes with an empty stare

Whose skin was blotched and raw with mold

And wore dead roses up in her hair.

They'd lead her there to the end of the hall

She'd sit right down and smile

As if her strange and untimely death

Would only take awhile!

The lights would flicker; the power would die

She'd throw her head back, eyes open wide

I'd say to myself, did she deserve this?

Or was this her suicide?

Everything was suddenly quiet, then

And the girl lay limp on the chair

We stood with our bleeding hands at our sides

As she burned in the darkness there.

With arms and feet bone-red like ash

We waited and we began to see

That something sparked behind her pale white lids

No, we said. It could not be!

Her legs, her neck, her graying eyes

All quickly sprang to life!

"I've thrown it all away," she exclaimed.

"My hate, my pain, my strife!

I've gone to hell and back again

And shook death's mighty hand

I've touched an angel's dusty wing

And crossed the forbidden land!"

"So you have," we rejoiced

As we grabbed her by hand and wrist

We danced around so happily

Oh, it was such bliss.

We ran by day then, faster than tomorrow

(They chased us along the way)

We ran for miles as we carried her

While the purple night turned to grey.

I once knew an electric girl

Who could survive the electric chair

We laughed and sang and picked fresh roses

To tie up into her hair.