All That Glitters

you cannot love a gypsy, they say,without becoming a tragedy
but when we met amongst fireflies,dying embers,
and the settling dew
we knew we were not another
pair of ill-fated lovers

(we were always much less than that)

we were strangers, really.
our paths were crossed, but
not our stars. we walked under different skies.
I dwelled in darkness, and he in the light.
we loved at dusk and dawn knowing
there never was a destiny for us.

(we never knew each other's names)

you see, foresight is useless.
knowing that there is an end
does not erase the fear of it. and so,
to keep us from beginning,
we named each other.
he called me june.

(we promised to never say goodbye)

one day I was alone at dawn.
as day began we ended, and I have
never looked back.
you cannot love a gypsy, they say,
without becoming a tragedy.

(I will never regret loving august)