the chaotic bells
in the city centre
signal the rapture
that is 5.00pm
on a sunny summer Sunday
in October, while
children in the park
play cricket and rugby
instead of tossing baseballs
and laced-up footballs.
a pale man,
not from here,
takes pictures
of the tui birds
chirping in the trees.
couples are lurking
everywhere -
under every leaf,
around every bend
of every footpath.
I tread carefully,
but nothing could
disturb their little
romantic bubble world
anyway… I follow
my feet back home;
a brightly-coloured parrot
flies overhead,
walks along the powerline
like an expert tightropeer,
stares down his beak at me,
and flies off. I wonder
which of us is more
out of place.

TMK 21oct2007