Her voice is rusty, like the fence outside your window broken from wear & tear.

Like the day you discovered scars are caused by more than bicycle accidents

and how you make your own destiny.

& that was just what she was like when she touched you,

Bitter & crumbling.

Her fingers touched your face and exploded into the words you wanted to say and the expectations that fell to the floor

But you can't sum her up in words, the way her smile was always a little incomplete

How you tried to be the piece to put her back together

But it's all just a game, played in her head

(You don't know what you're winning or what you have to lose)

So you take it, one move at a time

Moving her body & the furniture in your room

But one day you have nothing left

But you're still running, running

Listening to her voice a ghost in your head & feeling her fingers like shadows moving further down your back

It's just a game I tried to tell you

Somebody's always there to lose