The Dream

By Rod Stewart

A chilly wind sneaked across the lake. And as I stood on the water's edge I could feel something ominous coming. Something caught my gaze and I squinted my eyes to what was coming. An object peaked through a dark fog and then became engulfed in what seemed like an angelic beacon from heaven--but it was really the Moon peaking through a split in the cloud cover. It was a dog, and as it emerged on shore it shook a frigid secondary skin off its fur. I didn't know why but I bent down and hugged it. Warmth engulfed me. After twenty eight years my companion had finally come back to say goodbye. No words were spoken. After the hug, we looked into each other's eyes thoughtfully, and then separated. Then my companion departed the same way she came and I watched her swim back into the dark fog. My heart is still thumping with excitement. After all these years I can still remember her and she remembers me. I know her name, but I've never know how to spell it. Sort of ironic for a dog I love so much.