The sun rose

The landscape could be seen more clearly now

The sound of a waterfall running

Tree wood and water come over the side

And landed on the boulders creating white waves.

A bear fishes on the edge looking for its morning breakfast.

Birds tweet on the stones on the shore

As if hearing exciting news about the latest gossip.

A deer emerges from the lush green forest

And dips its graceful head into the water.

The masked creatures come to the water side and clean their food.

Fish are jumping from the water in the early morning light.

The water and all of its beautiful glitter brings animals together.

The animals don't care for differences,

We should learn something from them.

People shouldn't care about race, size, gender, etc.

It is wrong to judge people like that and

We should be friends and not hate.

Animals depend on each other for their survival

And don't care who is an herbivore or if

Their eyes are masked.

They each provide something for someone else's survival

We should provide something in our community.

It is amazing what could happen when the sun


The day is fresh and new,

And we should be too.