Scene One

Lights come on JEFFREY and MAXINE's place. MAXINE's wealth is relatively evident. Although not exactly gaudy, the living room/kitchen, which we can see from the audience, are definitely classy. The counters are dark, polished wood, and there are framed photographs of the couple in question hanging on the walls above sinks, countertops, ad the television set. On the coffee table in the living room is a bouquet of roses in a vase. It's fresh, obviously a recent purchase.

The house isn't a comfortable looking one. Although pretty, it's not exactly cozy, and doesn't give off very warm or welcoming vibes. There's something idealistic and off-putting about it, so that it looks a little more like an ad from Better Homes and Gardens than an actual residence.

MAXINE herself is standing in front of the kitchen window, wearing an attractive skirt, and watching something through the window which the audience can't see.

Somewhere offstage, we hear a lock click open, and then the creaking of a door. MAXINE turns around immediately with a hopeful expression, and shortly afterwards, JEFFREY walks into the kitchen. He also looks out the window, in the same direction in which MAXINE had been gazing moments earlier.

JEFFREY: Hello. (he kisses her) What have you been up to?

MAXINE: Laundry.

JEFFREY: (with a smile) Doesn't that sound exciting.

MAXINE: (gently) Don't mock. I know you've been wearing the same pair of pants for a week.

JEFFREY: (somewhat bemused) Have I?

MAXINE: You have.

JEFFREY: Is that a problem for you?

MAXINE: Not anymore. Now you've got lots of fresh pairs of jeans.

JEFFREY: You're an angel.

MAXINE: And while I have something to eat, you can start folding them for me.


MAXINE gestures out the window with one hand. JEFFREY obediently looks.

MAXINE: I don't think I've ever seen one of those around here before. I thought they only lived in, you know, tropical places.

JEFFREY: (nods sagely) Right, me too. (beat) What is it?

MAXINE: (giving him a surprised look) It's a hummingbird.

JEFFREY: Oh yeah, of course.

MAXINE: Haven't you ever seen one before?

JEFFREY: Nope, can't say I have.

JEFFREY takes off his jacket and puts it over the back of a chair. Almost mechanically, MAXINE picks it up and takes it over to a peg on the wall. Inexplicably, JEFFREY frowns at this, but doesn't' say anything.

MAXINE: They had them in the bird exhibit at the Zoo in Paris.

JEFFREY: I've never been to Paris.

MAXINE: I know that, silly. But…that's where I've seen them before.

JEFFREY: Well, it's very cute.

MAXINE: I'm not sure cute is the word I'd go for. It's very beautiful.

JEFFREY: I suppose. (he looks at it again) It's awfully small for a bird.

MAXINE: I think that's part of the charm.


He smiles at her, and she reaches out and squeezes his shoulder. He takes her hand and kisses it, and she rolls her eyes at him.

MAXINE: Not until I've eaten, Casanova.

JEFFREY: I wasn't…I was just…

MAXINE: I know. I'll be back in a moment.

MAXINE starts out of the room. As she leaves, she calls back over her shoulder to JEFFREY

MAXINE: Jeff, are you hungry?

JEFFREY: No…not really.

MAXINE: Okay! Well I'll have something light lying around in case you change your mind.

MAXINE leaves. JEFFREY stands awkwardly in his own kitchen for a couple of minutes, rubbing the back of his neck in a nervous gesture and watching the hummingbird out the window. He shoots a look over at the roses in the living room, thinks for a moment, and then reaches towards the phone. He picks it up, dials a few numbers, and listens, apparently unsuccessfully. There's no response at the other end. After a minute or so, he gets an answering machine.

JEFFREY: Hey, it's me…I mean, it's Jeff, from Jasmine's. Um. We haven't really spoken in a while, so I thought I'd call, see if we could catch up or do lunch sometime. You're probably really busy…I mean, I'm busy too, I've got a lot of work to do, for school, and stuff like that. But. I'm sure we could work something out if you'd call me back, cause I'd really like to see you. It gets kinda lonely around dhere…that's not what I meant, I'm not lonely, I just think about you a lot. (under his breath) And that wasn't what I meant either…listen, give me a call back, okay? Okay. Okay, I hope you're having a good time.

JEFFREY hangs up the phone, and sighs.

JEFFREY: Yeah, that…that was really dumb.

There's a rapping sound on the window, and JEFFREY turns to face it, looking alarmed. He stares at the window for a few minutes, and then rushes over to it, biting his lip.

JEFFREY: Oh, shit…stop that. Stop that, seriously…shoo!

He waves his hands frantically at the window, as if trying to push or shoo something away. Apparently it doesn't do any good, as,after a couple of moments of this, he shakes his head, and drops his hands to his sides.

JFFREY: Shit, shit…Maxine? Maxi? Will you come down here? The…the whatever it is, the bird keeps throwing itself into the window…I think it's gonna hurt itself.

MAXINE: (from offstage) What? What's going on?

We hear footsteps on the stairs; apparently, MAXINE is coming down. JEFFREY turns his attention back to the suicidal hummingbird. The taps at the window get more and more frantic.